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Number 5: The Emperor

When people start learning Feng Shui & go deeper into theory the 1st thing they’ll learning is the concept of flying stars. No doubt they’d 1st thing you’ll hear is which #flyingstars you should protect yourself from and at the top of this list is the dreaded 5 yellow. The #flyingstar5 is known as “The 5 yellow” “The disaster star“ “The bad luck star” etc. and as you can tell by the name it’s not a pretty energy. Let's’ start with why the 5 “star” has such a negative association.

Back into theory and boring shit...

Back to the Lou shu and he tu, remember that? Don’t sweat I got about it here and of course here’s a pic for easy reference

Each number on the Lou Shu is assigned an element and direction, North 1 water, Southwest 2 yin earth, East 3 yin wood, Southeast 4 yang wood, Northwest 6 Yang metal, West 7 yin metal, Northeast 8 yang earth, South 9 Fire. The He Tu is another story that requires more theory but that you could honestly read in above linked blog post. What I’d like to point out is that the 5 remains fixed in the center and is associated with the element of Earth but unproductive, hot Earth akin to lava. Therefore in theory 5 = bad. Also, if you are a person calculating you Gua or Kua number if you get a 5 it automatically reverts to a 2 if your a man and a 8 if your a woman. I’ll assume your familiar with this part of Chinese astrology associated with favorable directions (to find out how to calculate your Gua number here ) Why? Again because 5 isn’t associated with a direction, element & is unmoving aside from what is know as the system of Flying stars. The Xuan Kong flying star system pronounced (Sh-wān Kong) is the system people are using when talking flying stars, this is the school of theory from which all the numbers and boxes above are referring to. This year 2019 hanging out in the Southwest.

Sometimes it shows a benevolent side

Just as with everything in Chinese metaphysics there are exceptions to the rules. There always seem to be times when you can go against the norm and use previously “bad” energy but only when it turns good. While its true its good advise to generally avoid the 5 star for the year, month, day and even hour there are specific times you can actually use the 5 star. The set of circumstances & criteria are so specific and unique, it would be too difficult to explain but basically you can make the 5 Star show a benevolent side & use it under certain criteria to make a large amount of money but not without a high chance of side effects and possible risk. The 5 star is known sometimes as ”The king maker” But what kingdom has ever been built without high risk?

Gua 5; The Emperor

As mentioned, If you calculate your Gua number and are a true 5 Gua you’re what is refered to as “The emperor” I also have good news and bad news. Good news: You're among the lucky that sees little to no side effects of the yearly 5 Star, You’re also in the group that can use the 5 under the specific criteria. Bad news: You may be a asshole. Ok, you can come back now and admit it, its ok. If you look at it in terms of having to do stuff others arent willing to do to achieve your goals then this is actually good news for you. Gua 5’s get things done, demand the best, are often too stubborn to give up. Natural leaders and are outspoken. But if you look at the flip side, you’ll need to be aware of how you treat family and loved ones, work is ok to be ruthless but your family isn’t your job. The negative side of a Gua 5 is they can be difficult, hard to work for irrational and have downright conflictive personalities (depending on their Bazi charts). Self awareness is key to avoid a Gua 5 from getting themselves in trouble.

Don’t be afraid

In conclusion, the 5 star isn’t something that should be feared as much as it should be respected. I’ve spoke on the importance of “cutting“ the energy with a metal element by placing metal weighs in southwest (for 2019) then simply keep the area quiet, dont hang shelves, renovate or make lots of noise. Then the secret... what you do next is ...forget about it. While it‘s true this inauspicious energy can affect you moat people go thru life not knowing about the 5 yellow and are just fine. You dont have to eyeball every 5 star through out the day, you don't have to go thru that extreme. I dislike when I hear stories of a Feng Shui “master“ give a person a bad report and instill fear instead of providing them solutions they can actually apply. This is mostly done by bumping up the “good” energy areas and keeping the “bad” energy areas calm. Also being mindful if you wish to start repairs in the southwest this year. Best wait until you get a qualified practitioner to use date and time selection to negate the funky-ness that may follow.

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