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Learn Feng Shui


Learn Feng Shui Presents:

Winning With Feng Shui


Join me for an interview series with Feng Shui experts form all walks of life, we talk about how they discovered Feng Shui as well as how they have achieved winning results for themselves, and their clients, using Feng Shui. 

*Available on both podcast and YouTube 


Why Feature 
and Superstition?

  Why do I include topics other than Feng Shui? 


  This is a bit selfish on my part I admit. It comes from my love of all things strange and unusual. When doing research I came across things like folk tales, superstitious practices and even stranger topics, that I want to be able to share with fellow weirdos. I also found so many superstitions I decided to address where the beliefs comes from


   Feng Shui is also only a small part of the system of "Chinese Metaphysics" or what is called "The Five Arts" (Wu Shu) So, I also include all the things that don't fit into the category of Feng Shui but encompass Chinese culture, Folklore tales, Chinese Metaphysics, or just plain weird side of things. 


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   The Show

   Learn Feng Shui Podcast was founded on the need to address the myth and superstition often associated with Feng Shui. 


   Learn Feng Shui teaches Classical Eastern Feng Shui from a practical point of view, focusing on HOW to use your space rather than WHAT you put in it. 

Studying at Home



Candice Berlanga

Producer & Host

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner 

Red Ribbon Professional IFSG

Candice is the Host of the Learn Feng Shui podcast 


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