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Activating intelligence: Feng Shui for Studying

A subject of many concerned parents is whether their child can do well in school, obviously having your son or daughter make the grades certainly helps when pursuing higher education, after all parents want what’s best for their children. Likewise adult students in university have concerns about doing well after paying high prices for soaring college costs. This brings up the subject of activating what is known as an “intelligence sector”. As with most modern Feng Shui the misconception that we can place inanimate objects to enhance these areas for study. Again, with these misconceptions, I like to call BS on them. As we creep up on the final weeks of this semester, students of all grade levels start getting prepared for finals before settling in for the holidays, so here are some easy tips to use the best energy in your home to study for those exams.


* Use your Fu Wei (stability ) direction, sit with your back to the direction.

* Use Fu Wei (stability) area in your home to set up a study area: read about Fu Wei here

* Locate the annual flying star #4 (2019 in the North) and activate and/or study in this area.

* Find your personal intelligence star (calculate BaZi here) activate and/or study in the area. For details on activating your "intelligence sector" read this step-by-step guide

* Sit with your back to the “moon” deity in the QiMen Dun JIa system to study when a good formation occurs. You can also use the direction/ deity to meditate on comprehension and retaining knowledge. You can sit this direction if possible during exams, before hand

* For a practitioner, plotting of a QiMen DunJia chart can show prediction on how your exam will go. This will also help see if there's any additional action or study that needs to be taken. This can be used to reschedule an important test if it shows you may not be quite ready. This method is called strategic execution.

*Practicality tells us if we relax a bit we’re able to retain knowledge better. Breathe and stretch on the way to class.

*Self talk is extremely important. If you tell yourself it’s hard then it likely will be. Try thinking phrases such as “ My comprehension is improving everyday” , “I’m able to learn new concepts“ , “ I‘m practicing good study habits“ and “I’m understanding more each day”

Printing off your own BaZi chart will show you your Gua number and "intelligence" animal sign and direction

Myths and superstition tell you that you can place items such as brushes and pagodas in your study area, I even hear things like you can carry around a lucky coin with the animal sign that represents your intelligence while in an exam. If you think about it this way, we could all place a pagoda on our desk and achieve high grades, get into ivy league schools and achieve the highest levels in our companies. Sounds legit, right?? These concepts were made up by people that sell you the pagodas and coins. You see its not about the items you place but by the action taken using the natural energies of your home. I for one believe the most important thing you can do is activate your intelligence, because the ability to solve life's problems comes from knowledge.