Favorable and Unfavorable directions: Eight Mansions and Gua numbers

Updated: Aug 31

No doubt you may have heard the term if searching Feng Shui. You'll inevitably come up with an article that mentions the terms "favorable and unfavorable directions", 8 mansions, 8 palaces, BaZhi (not to be confused with BaZi) etc. So just what does that exactly mean? When recording this weeks podcast (shameless plug: Listen here) It occurred to me I've never addressed this simple yet effective approach to Feng Shui. In fact if you're starting with Feng Shui and want to take it to the next level, I'd start with 8 mansions.

Eight mansions is basically looking at all 8 directions of the compass and sectioning then within your home. You' ll get what looks like a tic -tac-toe board with 9 squares over you floor plan. You then identify the 4 best directions and using them most. Then taking the 4 directions that are considered negative and just avoid placing your important rooms here. So, use the good directions to place your bed, your desk, your kitchen/stove. Save the rooms you don't spend too much time in for guest bedrooms, formal living rooms etc.

To start off you need to realize there are actually 2 different ways you need to look at this 8 mansion business. First, you have to take into consideration the way your house sits and faces. This is called the house Gua. And the second consideration is you personal Gua number. Lets start with the house Gua. This is actually easier than it sounds. Pull out a compass you've got on that smart phone and simply stand outside of your home, looking out, so you're facing away from your home. No need to note any numbers on the compass, this is what makes it easy. If it says "North" you've got a north facing home. So know you’ve determined the way your house faces lets add a step and look at the back of the house. This will be the opposite of them front. So, compass says North for the front, your house SITS south, FACES North.

We’ll talk about what all this means shortly. But first lets look at our PERSONAL Gua number (calculate here) then find your number in the chart. Your most favorable directions are pretty easy and divided up into 2 most basic groups East group and West group. The Bloods and Crips...jk. But really the two separate groups will have two totally different sets of directions they can use. Just keep these direction in mind for now and refer back to them after we discuss what the directions are used for.

Life Gua Directions: This is your directions based on your BIRTH YEAR

Life Gua Directions: This is your directions based on your BIRTH YEAR

Now let’s discuss what the eight different names mean and how they are used. This basically describes 8 types of energies or (chi) that govern that area within the home, then you can adjust your rooms to fit your personal best directions.



Life Generating (Sheng Qi)

Despite the name, this life generating this area is best left to activities that have to do with work or creativity. It’s considered an active area therefore more useful for work, and less conductive to sleeping. Use this for anything related to improvement performance and studying. It‘s said to govern wealth, success, and business. In a business you locate a door, desk, or cash register here.

Heavenly Doctor (Tian Yi)

Unlike the previous, the heavenly doctor is exactly what it sounds like. This area is good to use for health related activities, rest and recuperation. It’s also said that this area governs the presence of helpful people or “nobleman” in your life. You can likewise use this area for improving speech, communication & persuading others.

Longevity (Yan Nian)

Again names can be deceiving, although it’s a good place to sleep this has more to do with relationships and networking, this sector governs these topics. You can use this sector for promoting good relationships at home and business as it also governs harmony.

Stability (Fu Wei)

This sector is not only excellent for meditation and prayer but also useful for libraries or study rooms. It's said to govern stability and peace of mind.



Mishaps (Hou Hai)

This sector is exactly what it sounds like, general annoying mishaps. These are the daily occurrences of miscommunication,hassles, obstacles and accidents. Avoid important tasks here. However it’s said that this area can be used if your more diligent in your life. It’s more about taking the time to recognize and stop these things from happening.

Five Ghosts (Wu Gui)

The negativity of the 5 ghosts sector is all about gossip, backstabbing and rumors. This is said to bring sabotage and petty people.

Six killings (Lui Sha)

The 6 killings wont kill you but it's one of the more negative of the unlucky sectors. This sector brings about injury, lawsuits, affairs, sabotage and illness with the need for surgery. Avoid using this area for your bedroom, stove or work desk.

Life threatening (Jue Ming)

This is probably the worst of the bunch, The life threatening sector can cause accidents and illness. In extreme cases as the name implies life threatening accidents. And as with the all the unlucky directions, avoid using this area for the purposes stated above.

Although these sectors sound "bad". You'd be best to remember that external environment activates the internal. Therefore if you have external features such as a radio tower, pylon for power lines, 5G tower, or water in the wrong area, this will make the negative energies be more extreme. If you have a fairly nice environment, just focusing on the best areas and quieting down the negative spaces , you can start to see a positive change in the way you feel. This can be done by choosing to put your bed, stove, and work desk in the best areas, then position the furniture according to your personal Gua. Keep the lesser used rooms for things like formal dining rooms and living rooms.

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