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WTF: What the Feng Shui??

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

See things thru a Feng Shui eye makes my wonder what were they thinking? Sometimes I drive by houses and wonder if everyone in there is ok. This series of posts I'm making will show the more extreme examples of Feng Shui DONT'S!


blocks the sunlight and Qi flow
Tree planted directly infant of door, blocks Qi flow and sunlight

Don't block the door way with a narrow passage

"Cutting Blade Sha" This affects the doors located center with this flyover.

I promise this is the front of this property. This entry is too "Yin". Your door needs sunlight

Less so the occupants farther away. A Pillar represents blockage.
5G tower directly facing apartment doors, but it affects the entire unit.

This not only create a blockage BUT also a "wind sha" when the wind blows thru a narrow passage almost like a tunnel
Another pesky tree blocking a doorway.

Pillar directly in line with the door.

Water tower in residential neighborhood

Houses in direct relation to tower

Houses in direct relation to tower

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