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The Sexy Side of Feng Shui

Most of the time when a home consultation is done, the 3 issues that come up are hands down 1 Health, 2 money and 3 relationships. Since I typically focus my attention to more systematic and logical thoughts on the business side of Feng Shui. I thought I would take a bit of a fun approach on focusing on a sexier side of things. So lets discuss some of the symbolism and enhancements that can be used in Feng Shui to enhance, assess and help a relationship.


The Peach blossom:

The most common of yet, heard in Feng Shui is called a peach blossom. This is regarded as a energy that can boost your attraction to the opposite sex. These are the animals in the Chinese Zodiac that represent the cardinal directions. N Rat, S Horse, E Rabbit, W Rooster. These can be found and used in many different ways.

Internally; The most common way to see this is if it’s in ones personal astrology chart (BaZi) If you have one of these animals you tend to be more able to attract potential love interest. The more of these animals you have, the more you’ll tend to attract. Be warned, more is not always better. In some cases this can mean you can get in trouble because of too many potential candidates. This of course varies by case and would have to be assessed by a practitioner to know if your prone to have a wandering eye.

In your home; If you don’t have one of these animals in your natal chart, no worries. You can also find your personal peach blossom animal (according to your natal chart calculations, everyone has one) and activate this area within your home, pick a good day (using date and time selection) and go on a night out or try your hand at online dating.

*You can check to see if you have one of these zodiac animals by plotting a 4 pillars od destiny chart for free online


How to use simple feng shui to enhance Bedroom:

Your bedroom is a special place that should be conducive to rest and well...bedroom activities. *wink. Therefore it’s just a general rule of thumb to keep out alters, pictures of deities and saints and especially pics of relatives. In the western system (BTB) of Feng Shui it’s said to be unlucky. However, I just think it’s best to keep prayers and worship to a place specific for that purpose. Mostly because the two activities don’t really match up, although some may associate sleeping with going to church, so I may be wrong! Having relatives picture in your room just makes me think of them watching you do the deed. Same with deities. No one wants to feel that way when your mind should be focused elsewhere.

Soft decor; Keep the bedroom soft and quiet. Room darkening panels and essential oils diffusers go a long way to creating a quiet, calming or sexy mood. Keep from facing mirror directly at your bed as the can reflect light and make the room to energetic.

Bed position; Also make sure you bed is positioned where the door doesn’t open head on into it. This will result in a restless nights sleep if your bed is positioned wrong.

Don’t Position your bed

*under a window

*under a ceiling beam

*avoid overhead shelves over the bed


Feng Shui for conception & birth:

There are many different ways you can use Chinese metaphysics to conceive a child. Various factors can be considered and many methods can be used. No doubt it can be stressful and even heartbreaking when you wish to add to the family and experience trouble. A Feng Shui assessment can even help assess problems in conceiving. Sometimes it’s an issue with your natal chart, sometimes it’s the environment. There’s even days or areas in your home that support conception. After a successful pregnancy in Asian cultures, they use date and time selection to schedule c-sections! This gives the child a lucky chart and good start in life. If you have a choice, why not?


Some juicy details:

The Rabbit represents the Phallus

The IChing hexagram “meeting” represents hooking up.

In a Bazi chart (Chinese astrology) the presence of the element that is known as Direct officer represents a husband, while the element that represents the 7 killing energy is seen as a boyfriend or the guy you’d have an affair with.

The wife in a mans chart is seen as Direct wealth while a side chick is seen as indirect wealth.

Even questions about same sex relationships can be analyzed, although a bit complicated to explain how it’s done. The QiMen DunJia system shows all relationships, so both same sex and opposite sex couples can have their relationship assessed in a reading.

In this same system, the “rest door” represents the activity of sex or the bedroom.

Days with the “benefit descendent” star is good to use to conceive a boy while the “continuous dependents” star is good for conceiving a girl.

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