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Tutorial Series Video 1: How to take a compass reading of your property.

You can use 3 Harmony animals as a guide to select a day to "activate" an area, for this you must have a copy of your BaZi (birth chart) there are many free online tools to use to calculate this. Don't pick a day to do this that clashes with your animal signs. A clash animal is an animal in the zodiac that opposes or sits across from the your sign. Sometimes we have these in our charts naturally, but its best to play it safe. It's best to pick a day that combines with your sign in a "sector" that also combines. EG: I have a snake in my chart, Its a rooster day, I choose to activate the Ox sector. snake/rooster/ox, forms the combo

Need a boost??

3 harmony animals:

Ox, Snake, Rooster

Pig, Goat/sheep, Rabbit

Tiger, Horse, Dog

Monkey, Rat, Dragon

Looking for love??

Peach blossom animals (activate to attract a potential partner) :


Rooster (not 2019)



Activate your personal peach blossom then try having a night out or online dating, note if you seem to have more options!


Remember to consult a Tong Shu, most can be found online, if the days are marked good, usually denoted in red & your signs don't clash, then proceed. These are just some very basic things you can do to start on your journey into Feng Shui. Starting with the compass and identifying your best areas are sure to give you the boost you need. Take note and share your results with me!

Supply list:

Feng Shui Acrylic Compass Guide Template by Tina Falk

Animal sign template by Joey Yap

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