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The 8 Sectors of the Bagua

Many times I have these ideas in my head of putting advanced theory and formula together, testing out all the cool stuff you can do with a the Lou Pan (Chinese Compass) but many times I get ahead of myself and have to remind myself I'm speaking to an audience that largely knows little about Feng Shui. So to get back to some basics, I realized that I have zero info on the sectors or directions within a building. The sectors are the compass directions cardinal North , South , East, West and inter-cardinal directions, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest within a building. Each sector or Gua as they're called carry energy within the space and have various attributes associated with them.

While there are technically 9 sections, including the center of the space, there are only 8 compass directions. Typically the number 5 is not used as it is associated with the center of the Lou Shu and not associated or assigned a trigram (series 3 lines representing 1 of the 5 elements in yin and yang polarity) Even thought the center isn’t regarded as a Gua, you’ll want to make sure you have a nice open center in your home or office. After knowing this information you can look at these of your home and read them so to speak, for instance if your having kidney problems you could look at the North of your home and see there’s clutter or a negative land feature then make the connection according to who it may be affecting. You can also set up your home or office space according to these directions to enhance areas of your life. Ex a CEO may want to focus on the Northwest of his office where as a professional sportsman may focus on enhancing the East of there home. A person seeking spirituality could use the South for prayer time or meditation. Remember to refer to the Chinese zodiac when deciding to use the sectors and don’t activate an area that clashes with one of your 4 pillar animals. And to check what is known as direct and indirect spirit which show you whIch directions you can and cannot place water.

8 Guas and 9 sectors

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