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Celebrity case study Donald Glover: What makes him successful?

I love looking at celebrity birthdays and mapping out what is known as the Chinese 4 Pilar’s of Destiny charts (BaZi chart). It’s so easy to look at the media and get details of celebrities lives from controversy, when they give birth get married etc and pin point energy in their BaZi charts to make a connection to what may be going on And why they’re going though the events that are currently taking place. Before I start let me explain to you newcomers what exactly the 4 pillar or BaZi actually are... WARNING : Detailed explanation of BaZi ahead. BaZi is essentially taking the year/month/day/hour you’re born but mapped according to what is known as the 60 pillars. This is simply marked as a cycle of repeating patterns marking the passage of time. This is the 12 animal zodiac signs, combined with the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, wood, metal) in either a yin and yang polarity 12 x 5 = 60. Therefore, you get 60 combination animal and elements ex. Yang Wood Rat. One for each of the pillars year/mo/day/hour you’re born, so you end up with 4 animal/element combinations.

Every once in a while you get lucky enough to come across a celebrity‘s birthday that includes the time. This was the case when I came across a article the other day about Donald Glover (singer aka Childish Gambino) well known for controversial music video last summer entitled “This is America”. If that doesn’t ring a bell, maybe you’d know him for playing the role of Lando in the Hans Solo stand alone film in the Star Wars series. What you may not know about him is that he is by all accounts an accomplished writer, actor, & singer with multiple awards and nominations in all 3 areas. Truly a talent and maybe not by Hollywood standards amongst the Uber rich BUT not living shabby with a net worth of 12 million. So what makes him successful?

As you can see he was born on September 25, 1983 Around 2am. The 1st thing you do when reading a chart is to look at the “day” pillar. Everything else in the chart is compared to the element on top (hi lighted in green) this is known as your “day master” The 1st thing that pops out to me in this chart is how strong his Wealth element is (circled in blue) Not only is it strong but it’s actually in an ideal position next to his “day pillar” landing in the “month pillar” which just. So happens to be the pillar that is assessed in terms of your career. His day pillar also ”sits” on what is called “Eating god” not a god in any sense but simply a name for a element interaction. The Eating God is the element which your daymaster creates. Fire creates Earth. It’s also shows creativity and a taste for the finer things in life. Hence, his talent and diversity comes natural and so does his wealth. It’s almost as if these areas fall naturally into place for him. What a lucky guy to have these 2 positive structures. In addition the Dragon and Rooster combine and make a special structure as does his Rooster and Ox make a partial combination that can further strengthen his wealth.

Not all is perfect however... everyone has energy that can tough for them or have to work around in their lives. Every chart has strengths and weaknesses. In this case he has the potential to lose out financially especially over the course of the next 10 years, when what is known as a 10 year luck pillar comes into play. As if its not confusing enough to have 4 different columns or pillars to compare and make sense out of another factor comes in, this is the 10 year luck cycle. Essentially every 10 years, the energy shifts and you usually experience a change, sometimes traumatic, sometimes you dont notice as much. Right now Mr Glover just left a Eating God period of energy (circled in blue) adding to his creative expression. Last year he entered into a 10 year luck cycle that indicates the potential for financial loss. How is this seen? At the age of around 36 the energy in his chart shifted.

Luck cycle with a “Rob Wealth” element. Your current luck cycle is based on your age.

He’s possibly feeling the effects of going into what is considered a “Rob Wealth” pillar (circled in yellow) This is seen by looking for the element that is the same as your Day Master with the opposite polarity. In this case its yin fire or simply look for RW on the Bazi calculator *wink. Any times you see this it means the potential for financial loss. It can also indicate marriage problems for a man, although I’m not entirely sure I’d guess he had marital problems last year in 2018. I can’t verify this, this only is my educated guess.

Current luck cycle clashes Year pillar.

Along with him experiencing the Rob Wealth energy he entered into a period of time that clashes his year pillar (read about clashes here ) On top of it, the year energy for him is known as the ‘Hurting Officer” (denoted by the HO) This is the element your daymaster produces or creates with the opposite polarity Again fire creates earth, yin earth is known to him as hurting officer. The hurting officer is also a creative energy but can be a tougher one to manage, for a female it would denote a tough time in her marriage As it clashes the husband element much like the Rob wealth clashes a wife element. It can also be the type of energy that makes him at best more outgoing and outspoken or at worst over promise and under deliver or being too outspoken and unintentionally hurtful. Communication is key in getting through this year for him especially this month. So what can be done when you see red flags in a chart? I would advise him that he would need to be careful of making remarks in public as the clash in his year pillar would effect the community around you, social circle, and external influences. Also, to focus on his marriage and manage his finances.

This only scratches the surface of what a Bazi reading can show you, as mentioned everyone has strengths and weaknesses. A BaZi chart reading can show you potential for positive and negative, and nothing is set in stone. We can take this information to work on our strengths, know when to lie low, and when to act. The key in life to being successful, I believe in knowing the right thing to do at right time. With that knowing, you can make changes based on the suggestions. A BaZi reading you can plan your year according to these factors to make the right decisions at the right time.


*To calculate the BaZi charts I use the Joey Yap BaZi calculator app But there’s many quality free ones available for free online.

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