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Seasonal Combinations In Your Birth Chart (BaZi)

The topic of BaZi Is such a vast topic, combinations, elements, animal signs, hidden stems, Earthly branches etc. So in this series I’m attempting to make it easier to take a quick look at your birth chart just to see if you have some of these combinations. Although theres only 60 "pillars" (60 jia Zi) 60 combinations of animals signs: 12 animals x 5 elements in a yin/yang polarity for a total for 10 elements = 60 combinations. You now have 4 pillars in your own birthday that create various interactions.

60 Pillars, each new cycle starts with Yang Wood

Finding these little hidden gems inside a chart is fun! I previously talked about Trinity animals and Secret friends. Today I want to bring attention to an over looked combination, what is known as a Season or directional combinations. I addressed the fact that each animal is associated with a season due to the month its associated with ** warning** theory time coming**

A Winter combination is made of animals associated with Northern directions and creates the element of Water. Water is element of winter because water is strongest in the winter think of the imagery of snow.

NW Pig: November/ Coming of winter

N Rat: December/winter

NE Ox: January/ End of winter

A Spring combination of animals is made up of animals associated with the East and make the element of Wood. Wood is strongest in spring as it's root system has been watered by the winter snow all and emerge in the spring.

NE Tiger: February/Coming of spring

E Rabbit: March/Spring

SE Dragon: April/End of Spring

The Summer animals make up Fire as the sun is at it's peak and hottest this time of year, and represent the south. The spring wood fuels the summer fire and fire burns down to create ash or Earth, the Earth houses metal like a gold mine.

SE Snake: May/Coming of Summer

S Horse: June/Summer

SW Goat: July/End of Summer

A Metal structure is made of the animals of fall and the direction of the West, Metal is forged in fire and refined. Metal then is made into vessels that sweat or make condensation to create water, starting the cycle over again so goes the seasons.

SW Monkey: August/ Coming of Fall

W Rooster: September/Fall

NW Dog: October/ End of Fall

So what does this mean to find these in a BaZi chart? It can be favorable or unfavorable to you depending on the day master (the DAY you're born) main element (heavenly stem). This can mean you can end up with a chart that is heavy on an element that clashes your day master or if you have a weak day master, it can mean you have additional strength added to you. This is where skill comes in, but no worries for now were simply trying to find the combinations. A short explanation and way to make a quick assessment is to look at the element under the day you were born and check the season it's associated with. If for example, you're born on a wood tiger day and have the spring combination of animals rabbit/ dragon the element may be favorable since this adds additional wood to your chart. Yet if you were to be born a metal tiger day you'd have a chart that conflicts your day master as Metal and Wood clash, this could potentially make this combination unfavorable. Again, for now lets focus on finding the combinations and seasonal animals first and set aside the concept of lucky or unlucky.

What do you see in your birth chart? Do you have a special combination that I've spoken about?

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