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Wood Dragon 2024- Yearly Energy Update: Activations and Cures

The year of the Dragon is usually historically significant, think 2000 which marked the turn of the millennium or 2012 which created a lot of buzz about the Mayan calendar and was supposed to mark the end of civilization as we knew it. Yet here we are in the next year of the Dragon (the wood dragon to be precise) still persisting and making progress. My predictions of themes for the year will be expansion, growth, and connection. But we'll need to be more flexible as we may be in for a time when things shift suddenly. Conflicts may arise and tempers may flare but remember that sometimes we have to fight for what we want out of life.

Looking back 60 years ago to 1964- the last year off the Wood Dragon, notable events were the passing of the Equal Rights act and a major shift in society. I believe this year may bring about more groups of minority or marginalized communities speaking out. It's also an election year on the US and that always comes with people being outspoken about the powers that be. Let's remember that tolerance for other peoples beliefs goes a long way toward your own inner peace.

Feng Shui: As far as Feng Shui goes, we see a shift in timely energy with the Fire energy being vibrant, South and North facing homes will feel quite prosperous and enjoy this energy.

  • Year of the Wood Dragon Starts Feb 4th, 2024 with the Lunar New Year falling on Feb 10th.

  • We can start by rearranging our Feng Shui ahead of time and prepare to place our cures and activations Feb 4th or after.

  • Follow the guide below to set your Feng Shui cures and activations for the Year.

Download PDF version:

Download PDF • 12.27MB

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