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Welcoming the God of Wealth and preparing for 2024

Updated: Jan 18

Welcoming the God of Wealth is a significant tradition in Chinese culture that is practiced around the Chinese New Year. This is typically done on the 5th day of the Lunar New Year (2024- Feb 15th) by conducting rituals and meditations to welcome the God of Wealth. These practices can often involve specific arrangements of your alter in one's home or business, special offerings or prayers or chants, but I personally use mediation and face the direction to receive the incoming energy. You can also do activities like writing down your intention for the New Year and burning them to release them to the universe

 Preparing for the God of Wealth: Taking action one of best way to start your new year, doing some small gestures like taking the time to clean out your desk or office, planing your networking and billing and making necessary Feng Shui adjustments all add up to set you up for a successful year. Additionally, these activities also set you up to successfully receive the god of wealth and other prosperous starts for the year.

Receiving the Happiness & Nobleman Stars: The Happiness Star is said to bring happy events that give you a reason to celebrate for the year, while the Nobleman Star is said to bring in helpful people when you need a hand. To receive these energies follow the date/directions below to do a short meditation on your desired outcome. Open your front door or windows (if possible) at the at time to let out the old energy and bring in the new. You may find you want to smudge it do an energy clearing using sage or incense during this time also.

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