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Monthly Energy Update: August 2022

Welcome to August, here we round the end of summer according to the solar calendar. It also marks the 7th month of the year and the month that opposes the energy of the year.

We have a few things occurring energy wise

  1. The Lions gate portal is open for 7/26-8/12 peaking on August 8. This is an alignment of stars The lion's gate portal opens every year on August 8 when the sun in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion's Belt, and the Earth all line up, it's an energy used to manifest and download info . Join Tammy Do for a meditation to clear money blocks on 8/10- Register HERE:

  2. Ghost month occurs right around the same time- Ghost month and the Ghost festival is believed to be time the ancestors spirits are able to visit due to the gates of heaven and hell being open. Ancestor spirits are honored during this time.

  3. The energy may feel a bit stagnant with flying stars all moving back to their home "palace"/ sector. Let's take advantage of the doubled energy where the positive flying stars land this month!

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Heavenly Stems (the element) - How will this element of Yang EARTH paired with the Monkey in August impact my Day master Element?

Looking at the DAY you're born, look at the element of TOP of the animal sign, only focus on the element under this category:

Water- Earth controls Water & provides a boundary: The Earth may be very apparent to you this month, since its a energy that control and gives boundaries and guidelines. This energy can either feel like it guides you or controls you. If you feel stressed, take a step back and recognize its just temporary and will pass. If this energy feels good to you, it can be used to take some risks. If you're a single lady looking for love, this energy represents a boyfriend or husband energy. Potential love matches can happen this month. Be open to possibility and keep your eye out.

Wood- Wood controls Earth making it your WEALTH element: Everyone looks forward to the time when their "wealth element" shows up. It can mean more opportunities, it can also mean you may feel more motivated to tackle projects you've put off or may dive into work. Focus and some planning this month can help you not overwork and focus the energy to be more efficient and productive. If you're MALE, single and ready to mingle, this month has potential since Earth represents a wife or girlfriend to you. Go out on some dates or put yourself in social situations to meet potential match

Fire- Fire creates earth, Earth is fires OUTPUT : Creativity, production and inspiration are words that describe the energy this month. With the underlying monkey energy (metal) you have4 the potential for some hidden wealth opportunity this month. Perfect for the creators types with handmade items. Think 1. Create 2. Sell business model. It'll be super helpful to have inventory on hand this month.

Earth- When you see the same element its regarded as a FRIEND element: This is a perfect to to collaborate with others. Working with others, networking and being more social in general can be your focus this month.

Metal- Earth creates metal, earth is the RESOURCE element to metal: Mother Earth energy coming to support the metal day master. Embrace the divine feminine energy, wether you're male or female, nurturing energy is a part of us all. Tune into the side of you that loves and nurtures.

Put in your birthdate & discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:


Animal Signs and Astrology:

How will this energy impact me?

This energy impact you depending on where it falls in your natal chart remember you have 4 animal signs. Take note of where the animal sign falls and that is the area it has potential to impact.

Year: Social circle, friends and community

Month: Career, or parental relationships

Day: Health, relationship Hour: Thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationship with children

Discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:

Monkey: Anytime an animal sign that is in your natal chart is present for the year/month, it can feel more stressful as you feel like your more visible or "seen". Make choices carefully during these times. Look for snake, dragon or rat days to take away the "clash" occurring this month. If you have any of these other animal signs the clash has already been combined away for the year. This month can hold intense energy. Beware of losing documents while traveling, and be cautious of traffic related accidents.


Rat & Dragon: Note the extra water energy this trio or "Water Frame" creates. With the element of water being present in the year (Water Tiger Year) the extra water can make you feel restless. Take a drive or a walk to get out of the house. Water represents movement and sometimes excess water can make it difficult to want to sit still. Movement helps.


Snake: Monkey combining with the Snake makes the element of water also. The snake will also need to be cautious of travel this month. Have paperwork in order and make back up copies of important documents. You may feel the need to travel this month, the extra water also makes you want to MOVE...a day trip to a surrounding town make scratch the itch.


These are the animal signs that make up the season of FALL (Monkey, Rooster, Dog). All 3 animal signs should be present to form combination to make the element of pure METAL.

I've recently came to understanding the importance of seasonal combinations in a natal chart. The presence of this combination has the potential to make you very strong, show wealth opportunity etc.

Rooster & Dog: The presence of Rooster and Dog (hey, this is me!) with the monthly Monkey make the element of METAL. Depending what metal is to you (see above) You may see collaboration, opportunity or increased social demand. It's a time metal is super strong. It'll also take away any clash that may occur.


The CLASH animal sign! This is the animal sign that directly opposes the governing energy. This month it's theTiger!!

Tiger: The presence of the Horse, Pig , or Dog can take the clash away. Remember a clash just means a change, if you're ready for a change or creating a change will put you in charge and put the decisions on your hands. It's perfect if to do things like quit smoking, start counseling or therapy, start new health regimen or even change religions. If you're looking to make a big change, this month supports that for the Tiger.


Feng Shui:

Best Sectors:

Note advanced flying star method: ALL SECTORS this month have the energies DOUBLED. Take advantage of the positive flying stars by narrowing down the ones you want to use. Keeping your goal in mind, you should be able to identity which stars hold energy to support you goal. Use date selection for BEST RESULT!

North : #1 Career and Authority Star - Use to activate movement in your career.

Activate with water, fan or movement

South: #9 Happiness, Spirituality, Popularity Star- Content creators, needing inspiration

Activate with candle, flameless candle, fan or movement

Northeast: #8 Wealth Star - Perfect you have employees or need contracts and clients

Activate with candle, flameless candle, fan or movement. Work in the sector.

Southeast: #4 Literary and Romance star - Attracting partner, luck in test taking and education SE3 Snake for yearly "fame star"

Activate with water, fan, 3 bamboo in water or movement. Study in the area.

Northwest: #6 Luck Star - Great if you're the boss.

Activate with water, fan or movement. Works in the area

Worst sectors and Month Shas: Avoid over activation of these areas, general use is fine

Southwest: The month Tai Sui move to the Monkey Sector of SW 3 and the flying star 2 doubles up for potential to be ill. Avoid renovations and keep area quiet. You can place more metal either coins or weights or alternatively salt water jar in the area if it's a high traffic sector or a bedroom. If it's an area not often used, don't pay too much attention to it.

North: Not noted in the graphic, north hosts the 3 Killings for the year, avoid renovation, consult a practitioner (or email me) for date & time selection if renovations are needed.


Best dates:

** Place a fan or candle in the Northeast sector of your or office home for the Lions Gate Portal Wealth Activation to activate the 8/8 stars on August 9th-.

Join the meditation Aug 10th-

Success Day (Dragon) - Aug 7th, 31st :

All around good day, Feng Shui activations & adjustments. Bed placement.

Clash Dog

Harmony Rat, Monkey

Combo Rooster

Open Day (Horse) - Aug 9th, 21st, Sept 2nd : House warming parties ,"open house" business agreements, grand opening of a business

Clash Rat

Harmony Dog, Tiger

Combo Goat

Stable day (Rat) - Aug 15th : Marriage, opening or launching business or website, renovations, medical treatments

Clash Horse

Harmony Monkey, Dragon

Combo Ox

Destruction Day (Tiger) - Aug 17th: Demolition, dismantling objects & furniture,

Clash Monkey

Harmony Dog, Horse

Combo Pig

Danger Day (Rabbit) - Aug 18th : Prayer and worships, Feng Shui adjustments, groundbreaking

Clash Rooster

Harmony Pig, Goat

Combo Dog


22nd , Sept 3rd- Closing a project, finishing up work, wrapping up assignments. “Closing deals” Clash Ox

Harmony Pig, Rabbit

Combo Horse

Establish Day (Monkey) 23rd : Propose marriage, start a new job, Start a new course or field of study.

Clash Tiger

Harmony Rat, Dragon

Combo Snake

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