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Monthly Energy Update- April 2023

Updated: Apr 4

April 2023 - Bing 丙 Chen 辰~ Fire Dragon is a month that a brings in the element of fire thats been a bit absent over the last few months. The fire however is a bit short lived since it's only visiting for the next 2 months but it does take us into the season of Summer which is the essence of Fire. This fire energy may be a relief to those that benefit from fire energy and can restore a bit of passion & excitement you may have been missing recently.

The fire dragon is the imagery of the sun rising over a mountain top, providing light to the mountain, nourishing life and proving warmth. It's a creation cycle of Fire (heavenly stem) creating earth - Dragon (earth branch)

Feng Shui Focus: Creativity & Passion

With the month being a "output" month that means the theme in general can be creativity. You may find yourself feeling like you want to take in the finer things in life like a symphony, visit museums or learn about food or wine. Take the time to enjoy the little things in life as well. Embrace the fire energy to restore lost passion, inspiration and happiness.

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