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Monthly Energy Update: April 2022

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Welcome to month of Jia Chen-Wood Dragon, another big energy month, The element of Yang wood- Jia is considered the leader, the boss, the brave knight. The yang

wood energy The Jia, is the energy that starts the element cycle. It's also considered to be a big strong energy! Combine that with some Dragon Earth energy and were in for a big shift. Lets' take a look at what we can look forward to.

Animal Signs and Astrology:

How will this energy impact me?

This energy impact you depending on where it falls in your natal chart remember you have 4 animal signs. Take note of where the animal sign falls and that is the area it has potential to impact.

Year: Social circle, friends and community

Month: Career, or parental relationships

Day: Health, relationship Hour: Thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationship with children

Discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:

Dragon: Anytime an animal sign that is in your natal chart is present for the year/month, it can feel more stressful as you feel like your more visible or "seen". Make choices carefully during these times. Look for Roster Days to Combine and support you. Lots on excess Wood energy signals the importance of growth and learning and being cautious of your anger and mood swings.


Rat and Monkey: The trio of Dragon, Rat and Monkey combine to make up the water frame. W