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Monthly Energy Update: April 2022

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Welcome to month of Jia Chen-Wood Dragon, another big energy month, The element of Yang wood- Jia is considered the leader, the boss, the brave knight. The yang

wood energy The Jia, is the energy that starts the element cycle. It's also considered to be a big strong energy! Combine that with some Dragon Earth energy and were in for a big shift. Lets' take a look at what we can look forward to.

Animal Signs and Astrology:

How will this energy impact me?

This energy impact you depending on where it falls in your natal chart remember you have 4 animal signs. Take note of where the animal sign falls and that is the area it has potential to impact.

Year: Social circle, friends and community

Month: Career, or parental relationships

Day: Health, relationship Hour: Thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationship with children

Discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:

Dragon: Anytime an animal sign that is in your natal chart is present for the year/month, it can feel more stressful as you feel like your more visible or "seen". Make choices carefully during these times. Look for Roster Days to Combine and support you. Lots on excess Wood energy signals the importance of growth and learning and being cautious of your anger and mood swings.


Rat and Monkey: The trio of Dragon, Rat and Monkey combine to make up the water frame. With the absence of water this month you may benefit if you're low on water in your natal chart. If you're water heavy you may experience lots of swings in your emotions but the wood may act as a counter to soak up the extra water.


Rooster: Combining with the Rooster creates the element of METAL , Metal generally represent precision, and decision making, meaning you may find some fog clearing away from your thinking. be mindful if you already have excess metal it could be an indication of eczema, respiratory or allergy flair ups.


These are the animal signs that make up the season of Spring (Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon). All 3 animal signs should be present to form combination to make the element of WOOD..

I've recently came to understanding the importance of seasonal combinations in a natal chart. The presence of this combination has the potential to make you very strong, show wealth opportunity etc.

Rabbit and Tiger: The presence of Dragon and Tiger create the element of wood. Again as started above look at what wood represents. Its a big season of growth for you! Use this extra boost to push yourself ahead in your endeavors & start your year off strong. You may find new opportunity & doors opening for you over the Spring season. Sometimes excess wood energy can impact our ability to focus and you may see signs of ADHD if you already have a strong wood element. Recognizing the patterns and signs can help you navigate your issues and if you're not able to focus, go easy on yourself, prioritize and cut out unnecessary distractions.


This is one areas I have somehow overlooked during my monthly energy updates. The CLASH animal sign! This is the animal sign that directly opposes the governing energy. This month it's the Rooster!!

Dog: Since the Dog is supported for the year by the Tiger energy, this minimizes the clash you may experience this month. Activate the South of your home to activate supporting Fire energy.


Feng Shui:

Best Sectors:

Note advanced flying star method: The HeTu or early heaven combination of stars can be noted when they make an appearance. They make a pure element & are considered lucky. This month we have 2 good sectors to use.

**** For most effective activations and to manage negative energies, your natal house flying star chart must also be taken in to account.

South : Flying stars 4-9 make up the HeTu element of metal. Use and candle to active the are especially if your the boss, manager, or business owner.

Northeast: The Northeast gets the 8-3 HeTu early heaven combo this month making the element of wood. Place a candle at NE 2 to support the Earth element and the Wealth Star 8. Good for securing more work and contracts.

Worst sectors: Avoid over activation of these areas, general use is fine

Southwest: The 2 "illness star " yearly Sui Po (year breaker) and 5 Tiger Sha are all afflicting the sector of Southwest and Southwest 2 . Avoid renovations (trust me)

North: The Flying 5 star pops in to say "hi" and visit the North for the month. Leave sector quiet & place some metal out if needed.

Best Dates:

Some good options for "good days" this month, you can actively use the sectors for maximum results. Use best days to place Feng Shui items, adjust or position bed etc.

Success Day: Rat- 5th, 17th, 29th

Danger day: Pig- 16th,

Stable Day: Monkey- 13th,

Initiate Day: Rooster- 14th,

Open Day: Tiger- 19th, April 1st

Remove Day: Snake- April 4th

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