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Monthly Energy Update: September 2022

Into the month of the Rooster and quickly approaching the Autumn Equinox, which of course marks the beginning of my favorite season, Fall! Days are growing shorter as settle into the Autumn month. The animal sign of Rooster represents the Element of Yin Metal, the West, the month of Sept, our throat chakra, the ability to express ourselves, communication, entertaining and networking. Paired with the element of Earth (yin earth) this month is a big clue that communication is key to prevent misunderstandings.

**Note that Mercury is going retrograde - technological mishaps

miscommunication with others may occur.

The focus for this months energy is about letting those hidden talents shine thru. The energy is slowly decreasing and becoming more yin showing us its time to turn inward and focus on the aspects of ourselves that may be hidden including talents but also clearing blockages, and self-limiting beliefs.

Feng Shui Activation Energy - ACTIVATE YOUR INTUITION & CONNECTION : 9/7 starts off our month But 9/9 is welcoming in the shadow side of cosmic energy, especially with the Harvest moon occurring, focus on trusting your higher self and intuition. We'll activate the NORTH to enhance these qualities. The flying star combination (9 month-1 year) will encourage the energy of connection. Connecting to others and using your intuitive ability to hone in on others needs will benefit both parties.

Use water, fan or movement to activate the sector of NORTH (2, if possible) Sept 15 hours of 3-5am or 9-11am.

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