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Energy Update: January 2023

Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2023 and the month of the Water Ox- Qui Chou. Although it's now 2023, we still get the sign of the Ren Yin- Water Tiger for roughly 30 more days. Also Remember the Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated Jan 22nd but the Solar calendar that brings in the Water Rabbit and the event of Li Chun occurs Feb 4th. Let's take advantage of the the last few weeks of Tiger energy finishing off strong!!

IN YOUR NATAL CHART- The zodiac sign of Gui Chou- The Water Ox itself is a zodiac sign that is the essence of a nurturing spirit. The water on top (heavenly stem) is nurtured and created by the "hidden stems" or the elements hidden inside the Ox which are water, metal and earth- earth creates metal, metal creates water. The person born under the Gui Chou-Water Ox zodiac sign will tend to be nurturing, sensitive & a natural problem solver. They do have to be cautious of being too involved and knowing when to cut off friendships that turn toxic and focusing on family or personal relationships ahead of their friends. They also have a tendency for taking risks when they think no one will find out.

Feng Shui Focus & Activation: Starting off the year strong

South-*** Metal- use the element of pure metal for focus (Flying stars 4-9)

Northeast - Use sector or wealth opportunity . (Flying stars 3-8)

. **Activate by using the sector, or with candle, movement or a fan using date selection. instructions below If you activate the South, REMOVE BEFORE FEBURARY 3RD

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Heavenly Stems (AKA The elements)

Earth Branches- Zodiac Signs

Feng Shui- Best Sectors

Feng Shui-Worst Sectors

Lucky Dates


Heavenly Stems (the element) - How will this element of Yin WATER paired with the OX impact my Day master ELEMENT?