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Activate your Wealth Sector 2022

Set yourself up for success and boost your business for the New Year.  Locate and activate your wealth sector for 2022. 


*Goal setting and clarity session

*General Feng Shui Assessment

*Locating your wealth sector for 2022

*Guidance and support on achieving RESULTS 

Book now for only $1499.00 

For questions and inquiries 

Organized Desk


Q: What information do I need to send you ? 

A: I'll contact you with a list of info needed for our first session​. Generally will include: 


  • Birthdate of house occupants/ business owner(s) (if for business) 
  • Floor plan of property being assessed
  • Address of property (for aerial view and external assessment)
  • Compass reading of the property *I'll guide you in this measurement

All information his kept confidential

Q: What does the wealth activation include? 


A: It's usually done over 2-3 calls, 2-4 weeks apart to allow time to make adjustments and measure results. 

  • A personal energy assessment, including looking at goals and getting clarity in what you truly want. 
  • A Feng Shui assessment and energy mapping of your property
  • Locating and activation of your wealth sector and tapping into the yearly wealth sector for 2022. 
  • Activation dates 
  • Ongoing support
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