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Winter Solstice: A Time To Release Old Energy

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

We’re approaching the Winter Solstice a time the yin energy is building and yang is declining, this is represented by the amount of daylight to darkness. The yin energy is a feminine energy, likewise the moon is considered the “great yin” ruled over by the goddess Change’e. The declining Qi or life force in nature means energy is slow, dormant & growing within. By following natures lead we can plan our activities to match the energy. Sometimes is best to rest.

Activities we can do approaching the winter solstice-

  • Get rid of stuff! getting rid of old and broken items is encouraged when energy is declining, it represents removal of negative or stagnant energy.: clean out your kitchen cabinets, donate to food panties, clean out a closet that’s been ignored.

  • ** Best dates to purge, deep clean or clearance inventory, have a sale. (Dec 21st, Jan 2nd, 15th, 27th 2024)

  • Doing inner work. Inner work is considered a yin energy: reading a self help book, journaling, self help podcasts, etc. learn about metaphysics and astrology.

  • Enjoy nature. Look for a day with some sunlight and soak in some vitamin D, being outside in the winter months can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) : enjoy a winter themed date, take kids ice skating, take a nature walk, enjoy the short amount of sunlight.

  • Slow down & stay cozy, getting plenty of rest this time of year is essential: Snuggle in early as often as possible.  Embrace the sleepy energy of the season. Nature is showing us that rest is encouraged.

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