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The "Element Cycle"

One common principle across Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics is the Element cycle. The 5 Elements is the basis of both Feng Shui and BaZi (Chinese/Eastern Astrology). Starting with this simple principle of how this cycle works can help you understand how the energy flows and affects you. These elements produce, control or weaken each other. Each has an interaction, and depending on what our goal is, we consider how we can use this cycle when working to achieve balance and harmony. How this works in your BaZi chart skip to read HERE

Visual of the Element Cycle

The 5 Elements: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth

Production cycle: This is the cycle of the elements CREATING each other

FIRE produces EARTH (Think ash)

EARTH creates METAL (Metal being mined from inside the earth)

METAL condenses to create WATER (metal condenses moisture from the air)

WATER nourishes WOOD (like a plant)


Controlling Cycle: This is the a cycle in which the elements are controlling instead of producing

FIRE controls METAL (fire melts metal)

METAL controls WOOD (axe chopping a tree)

WOOD controls EARTH (tree roots

EARTH controls WATER (land gives water a boundary)

WATER controls FIRE

Degeneration/weakening cycle: this is when the element cycle if going backwards and instead of creating it weakens


WOOD soaks up WATER


METAL breaks EARTH (like a shovel)

EARTH puts out FIRE (think of a campfire being smothered with dirt)

Element cycle in BaZi (Chinese/Eastern Astrology)

You may notice the in you natal chart (BaZi) that you have an Element paired with your various animal signs. The Element paired (on top) with the animal sign in the DAY you're born is referred to as your DAY MASTER. Everything else in you natal chart is looked at in relation to how it interacts with your Day Master especially the other elements. Getting a tad more technical if you're ready you can look at the yin and yang (polarity) of the element. By knowing how our day master interacts with other elements we'll be able to understand how the energy effects us. By looking at the energy that governs each year, month and sometimes day we can use it to our advantage to see wether the energy supports in wealth, creativity, dating & marriage, finances etc.

** Polarity means wether it's yin or yang. Polarity = Yin - or Yang +

These 5 elements in yin & yang forms (polarities) are called the "The 10 Gods"

"Day Master"- The Same Element (Friend)

Friend- This is the element that is the exact same as you

Competitor - This is the element that the same as you but opposite polarity (like your yin earth and you see and yang earth)

The Element You Produce (Output)

Inner Creativity- same polarity :

Outer Expression- opposite polarity

The Element You Control (Wealth)

Direct wealth- same polarity : You desire to work and

Indirect Wealth - opposite polarity

The element that controls you (Influence)

Tough Control- Same polarity

Proper Control- opposite polarity

The element the produces or creates you (Resource)

Direct Resource- opposite polarity

Indirect Resource- Same polarity

Understanding the nuances take practice but the 1st step is to get familiar with your Day Master, the characteristics of each element & element cycle.

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