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The 24 Mountains: How to amplify your Feng Shui activations

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

If you're learning classical Feng Shui you'll inevitably learn each of the 8 sectors

(N,S ,E ,W ,NE, NW ,SE, SW) have sub-sectors within them. So you'll see for example on what is called a 24 mountain Compass of all the sectors now labeled South1, South 2 and South 3. These 15 degree increments within these direction hold a key in performing Feng Shui activations. Various energies change daily, monthly and weekly. When the energies stack up and create auspicious formations I note these days to do, what are known as Feng Shui activations (will list "How To" below) You do however, sometimes need to hit these sub-sectors to get the most benefit from the activation. Below are the degrees which you need to hit to between to get the most impact out of your activation. Identify these sectors & see how impactful these energies are.

24 mountains, sectors and sub-sectors


What the difference?

As you can see here, the sub sectors mean something very different, as opposed to just south being fire, you can identify yin & yang fire (Heaven Stems) as well as the animal sign Earth Branches). For activations sometimes you'll need to hit a specific subsection to tap into specific energy, this is how we amplify the accuracy of an activation.

Sometimes specific energy is attached to a sector or "gua" sometimes it only visits one of these sub sectors like North 1, North 2 or North 3.

*Flying Stars will impact the entire sector or Gua. Sub sectors aren't considered when applying flying stars.

*Earth Branches-

The Earth Branches are associated with the zodiac signs. The energy that effect the "earth branches" is known as Earth Sha. These are energies activated or triggered by digging & renovations. Large scale moving & digging earth is guaranteed to trigger these energies. These usually go by the names of "3 killings" Grand Duke" & " Year Breaker". These energies can have a profound impact on the house residents since it impacts & interacts with the ZODIAC sign of the people staying there. The residents who's zodiacs combine & clashe will be impacted if these energies are activated... usually by digging & renovation. Avoiding renovations in these sectors are important too, that's also why its so important to identify where these fall within your property.

*Heaven Stems- Similar to flying stars the energy that falls with what are called the "Heaven Stems" in between the zodiac signs are activated or triggered by movement in the area, activations like fans, water, candles, rearranging furniture, a door opening & using the sector. Sometimes you can safely activate positive energy in the sub sectors of the "Heaven Stem" even when there's a Earth Sha. For example activate a positive flying star even though the 3 killings may present.

Locating these sectors:

You can locate these sectors in you home by obtaining a floor plan, establishing the facing direction, and overlaying a 24 mountain compass over the top of it.

For a free mapping of your flooprlan message me

*** BEFORE YOU CHOOSE TO DO ACTIVATIONS OF YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS PLEASE CONSULT AN TONG SHU, DATE SELECTION SOFTWARE OR CONSULT A FENG SHUI MASTER** All activations are done in conjunction with date & time selection, wrong timing can give no results and sometimes activate energy that can cause negative results**** Please also check annual, monthly, and daily Shas


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