The 24 Mountains: How to amplify your activations

When one starts learning classical Feng Shui you'll inevitably learn each of the 8 sectors

(N,S,E,W,NE,NW,SE,SW) have sub-sectors within them. So you'll see for example on what is called a 24 mountain Compass of all the sectors now labeled South1, South 2 and South 3. These 15 degree increments within these direction hold a key in performing Feng Shui activations. Various energies change daily, monthly and weekly. When the energies stack up and create auspicious formations I note these days to do what are known as Feng Shui activations (will list "How To" below) You do however need to hit these sub-sectors to get the most benefit from the activation. So, here are the degrees which you need to hit to between to get the most impact out of you activation. You'll also need this information when plotting Flying Star charts for your home, but thats a subject for another day & although a hobby unto itself, although I largely rely on good software to do the plotting, I can plot by hand in a apocalyptic world with out technology. I may get hate for this but my advise is get results and learn why later. We all want results from Feng Shui. Why overcomplicate?? Especially if you only wish to apply some Feng Shui for personal use.

24 mountains, sectors and sub-sectors

In this post I'm not going into a scholarly discussion about each area but rather just posting the chart and talking about the reason it's so important to know the 24 mountains. As you can see here, the degrees mean something very different. Going thru each of the elements, polarities and animals signs. So therefore If you wish for example to active auspicious energies such as the Dragon Virtue (an annual prosperous energy) for the year, you want to make sure you hit South 2 (Horse) as opposed to South 1 or you may not get a result. Likewise, if you wish activate NE 3 (Tiger) to calm the Pig energy of the year you don't want to hit a "Robbery Sha" if it's in NE 2 that day. You'll be wondering why you end up losing something valuable that day after you did an activation! SUB-SECTORS MATTER!! It also helps to have the correct use and purpose of these activations. They are not magic, it simply amplifies the supporting energy of your goal. Have a goal in mind!

You can locate these sectors in you home by obtaining a floor plan, establishing the facing direction, and overlaying a 24 mountain compass over the top of it. I generally do this digitally with a PNG of a compass template I gained from a class I took. Just a few ideas to simplify your process that seems a bit complicated at the start. On the above link I also make suggestions for templates you can purchase if you wish to hand draw over your floor plan.


*** BEFORE YOU CHOOSE TO DO ACTIVATIONS OF YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS PLEASE CONSULT AN TONG SHU, DATE SELECTION SOFTWARE FOR NEGATIVE SECTORS OR FENG SHUI MASTER** All activations are done in conjunction with date & time selection, wrong timing can give no results and at worst activate negative stars that can cause negative results**** Please check annual, monthly, and daily Shas


Water (large fountain, feature, large enough amount for the square footage) and can ONLY be used in the N,SW,E,SE only (FIND OUT WHY)

Fans, nails in the wall, candles W,NW,S,NE

Moving furniture, cleaning out closets and making a lot of movement in an area including starting renovations can also activate an area and can be used in any sector.


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