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Monthly Energy Update - October

Welcome October, and the month for the Water Dog ( Ren 壬 Xu 戌). The energy shifts away from metal, giving us the element of Yang Water sitting on Yang earth. Think of a mountains and a lake. The earth gives shape, defines boundaries and controls the water.

The yang water may look still on the surface but water always moves & there always a threat of undercurrents . Things may appear calm this month but there may be unseen things going on were not aware of. Globally, this can mean we may see this in the economy & may see the current recession worsen. I also think we may see more natural disaster or early winter weather, cold temps arriving earlier than usual or sever weather. Farmers almanac predictions say the same for weather in the US, so we'll see!

Feng Shui Focus:

Since Ren- Yang water, is the ruling element this month and represents movement and uncertainty , it's best to put our focus on what we CAN control. As mentioned above The ruling element of Yang Water (Ren) is like the ocean. Water is always moving, even though it appears to be calm. This energy can produce overthinking, feeling uneasy, the inability to sit still or restlessness, to combat this you can be more active. The weather is cooling down making it an ideal time to take a quick morning walk or doing some outdoor activities. You don't have to think vigorous exercise, simply getting out of the house and being on the go will do. Take a little drive or take the long way home from work. Spending time in the Southeast sector of your home with the monthly "8 Earth star" can also help you feel a little more grounded.


Feng Shui- Flying stars :


Zodiac Signs:

How will this monthly energy impact me?

This energy impact you depending on where (which pillar or column) the zodiac sign falls falls in your natal chart. Remember you have 4 animal (zodiac) signs. Take note of where the animal sign falls and that is the area it has potential to impact. Not all zodiac signs have an interaction with each other, so for the monthly forecast we look at which zodiac signs interact (Combine or clash) these are sometimes referred to as "secret friends".

****For simplicity you can simply focus on the zodiac sign of the day you're born.

Year: Social circle, friends and community

Month: Career, or parental relationships

Day: Health, relationship

Hour: Thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationship with children

**Discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:

Dog: Anytime an animal sign that is in your natal chart is present for the year/month, it can feel more stressful as you feel like you're more visible or "seen". For this month we can focus on the "San Sha" system and look at the yearly symbolic stars present for the Dog.

Feng Shui Focus: Education- Take advantage of the symbolic star "Elegant Seal" which promotes literary achievement. If you're a scholar or pursing higher education this is an excellent month for you to advance ahead. If you're not on the education path, take the time to learn something you've always wanted to learn like taking up a new hobby. On a more career related note, you can use this energy to take placement tests or learn something new in the work place to get a promotion or bump in pay.

Caution: "White Tiger"- This warns to be cautious this month, accidents are possible


Tiger: This month is a good month to network and spend time around like minded peers and colleagues. Connection can benefit you.

Horse: Take care if you feel stressed out this month. It may feel like extra pressure is on you, make sure you take time to focus on you. Deep breathing triggers your bodies parasympathetic system to relax, it deactivates your fight or flight when you feel overwhelmed & makes you feel safe.


Rabbit: The Rabbit is experiencing what is called a "FuYin" year. particularly if you're born under the zodiac sign of the Water Rabbit. This generally means the energy can be a bit stagnant or seem like things are at a stand still this year for you. Maybe you've had some setbacks or things seem to just not be going as quickly as you'd like. This month can speed things up for you with the combination. The Dog and Rabbit combination create "Fire" which can restore some much needed inspiration and reinvigorate you.


These are the animal signs that make up the season of Autumn (Monkey, Rooster & Dog ). All 3 animal signs should be present to form combination to make the element of pure METAL.

I've recently came to understanding the importance of seasonal combinations in a natal chart. The presence of this combination has the potential to make you very strong, show wealth opportunity etc.

Monkey & Rooster: The presence of Monkey & Rooster with the monthly energy of Dog create the element of Metal. This dominating combination is considered lucky and usually shows up in the form of opportunity, financial opportunity and helpful people or mentors, especially if metal is your wealth element (Fire day master) . Take advantage when opportunity presents itself.


The CLASH animal sign! This is the animal sign that directly opposes the governing energy. This month it's the Dragon


The Dragon has a partial season combination with the rabbit in the year. Not much of a clash will be occurring for you.

Advanced Analysis - Heavenly Stems:

** PLEASE NOTE- This section is best used by those familiar with BaZi and understand the concepts of their day master and of the"10 Gods" if you find this section confusing or don't understand please disregard and just refer to your zodiac (animal) signs.

Looking at the DAY you're born, look at the element of TOP of the animal sign, This is referred to as your "Day Master" and is used as a focal/reference point, The energy of the element that is dominate for the month will interact with your personal energy. Determine what element your day master is (water, wood, fire, earth or metal). Then read about the element cycle and 10 Gods theory here

Refer to this column only

Water- Water is the governing element, when you see the same element in the month is called the “companion" or “Friend” element- For the water day master you see the "companion" element. When you see this it symbolizes finds or people on the sam eleven as you. It can also mean competitors. This can warn of loss of money trying to keep up with others.

Wood- Water nourishes Wood, Water is Woods “resource” element : Seeing your resource element is usually a good sign. It's the element that help promote good health, feel emotionally supported and can help raise your intuition, sometimes acting on something suddenly because you "feel it's right". It's also a good month to address and health issues you may have been putting off getting diagnosed.

Fire- Water controls Fire, it is Fire’s ”influence” element: The influence element can be a bit tricky, for the yang water it combines with the heavenly stem of yin fire, usually combining elements meaning it can be very busy. or eventful for you. Of course for the female day master (or those looking to meet a man) this also denotes the possibility of meeting someone. For the Yang fire you may feel an added sense of pressure, sometimes it gives you ability to be more bold and take action.

Earth- Earth controls water, Water is your “Wealth” element: We tend to love hearing about our "wealth element" BUT we want to see wealth, right?! "Wealth" doesn't always mean money but more like opportunity and putting in effort. The next couple of month may be busy for you. Male Earth day masters have the opportunity for a love match.

Metal- Metal produces or condenses to create water, Water is metal‘s Output” element. : Seeing the output element relates to your ability to express yourself and is sometimes associated with being very vocal about your needs, which isn't always a bad thing. But because of the energy of the Yang water this may come across the wrong way or too aggressively. Think before you speak and choose your words to avoid miscommunication . It can also represent work/what you produce at work, so make sure your confident in the work your putting out this month.

Put in your birthdate & discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:


Feng Shui:

Flying Stars- Best Sectors and cures:

Place items and cures or use sectors according to the best and worst sectors noted below- Flying stars are activated by movement, activations with fan, candles, water etc. and using the sector.

Best sectors:

Southwest- Gua 2 : #6 Luck star combines with the (yearly) #1 Authority Star for the year making this sector good for those looking to establish authority or if you're the boss. The 1/6 HeTu combo can help move your career along.

Southeast- Gua 4: The #8 listing the Southeast combines with the #3 Years Star, Usually you want to avoid the #3 star BUT the combo of the 8/3 combo makes a HeTu combination- making the element of pure WOOD. Use this sector to work, send emails etc. It has the potential to benefit you financially. Remember, sometimes money comes in the form of opportunity or more work hours. Money isn't magic and either is Feng Shui, these energies are best used with current action. If you're not putting effort it, money doesn't fall from the sky. Can activate with a fan- BE CAUTIOUS not to activate the area governed by the Dragon Southeast 2-- this is the month breaker.

South- Gua 9: #4 Academy star is visiting the South sector of the home making it useable for studying and learning. Don't activate with Feng Shui items, water or fans. Using the sector will be beneficial.

"Worst sectors": Avoid over activation of these areas, general use is fine

West- Gua 7: The presence of the #2 illness star can be remedied with a coin charm or a salt water jar for the month. Send less time here if possible.

North- Gua 1: The 5 star in the north has the potential to cause some issues (earth mixing with water) Place a salt water jar in the sector and avoid spending too much time here if possible.

*****- Remove & dispose of salt water jars used for "cures" around the 5th of each month.

No renovation sectors:

No renovation sectors are areas you want to avoid digging and major renovations in for the year or month- this applies only to the ground floor of your home or ground level apartments. This energy effects the "earth"

Yearly Shas (Energy that affects specific sector for the entire year)-

South (2) & Southwest (1) : Wu Ji Sha (5 Tiger Sha-2023) has the ability to cause issues when you activate the area & do renovations.

East: Tai Sui- Grand duke is present in this sector, renovations and digging can negatively impact this sector causing problems with authority or ag

West, Southwest & Northwest: The yearly san sha or "3 killings" are present if activated by digging or renovation they can cause issues like illness, loss of money or losing valuables. These energies are only activated by renovation, avoid in these sectors.

Monthly Shas (Energy that affects specific sector during the month) :

Grand Duke: Northwest (1) sector of your home (Dog)

Month Breaker: Southeast (3) Dragon

**Renovations can be done in some sectors using date and time selection specific to your home. Please consult a professional to start renovations in these sectors.


Best Dates:

Avoid doing Feng Shui activations on days that “clash” the zodiac signs in your YEAR & DAY pillar.

October 8 - Pig

Remove day:

Starting a new diet, quit smoking, surgery to remove something from your body, end relationship or file for divorce,

Clash Snake

Harmony Rabbit, Goat

Combo Tiger

October 12th, Nov 5th - Rabbit

Initiate Day

Starting new assignments or projects, renovations, groundbreaking Clash Rooster

Harmony Pig, Goat

Combo Dog

Oct 14th - Snake

Danger Day

Prayer and worships, Feng Shui adjustments, groundbreaking, Feng Shui activations, bed positioning

Clash Pig

Harmony Rooster, Ox

Combo Monkey

Oct 15th, 27th- Horse

Success Day

All around good day, Feng Shui adjustments, Bed positioning

Clash Rat

Harmony Dog, Tiger

Combo Goat

Oct 17th- Monkey

Open Day

House warming parties ,"open house" business agreements, grand opening of a business,House warming parties ,"open house" business agreements, grand opening of a business

Clash Tiger

Harmony Rat, Dragon

Combo Snake

Oct 25th- Dragon

Destruction Day

Demolition, tearing down old structures and demo work. Clash Dog

Harmony Rat, Monkey

Combo Rooster

Oct 28th- Goat


Staring a new course or field of study, asking for promotion, debt collection, starting a new job or job interview.

Clash Ox

Harmony Pig, Rabbit

Combo Horse

November 2nd- Rat

Full day

Signing contracts, grand opening, launch a new business, start a long term project, installing home equipment

Clash Horse

Harmony Monkey, Dragon

Combo Ox

November 4th- Tiger

Stable Day

Marriage, opening or launching business or website, renovations, medical treatments

Clash Monkey

Harmony Dog, Horse

Combo Pig

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