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Monthly Energy Update - November

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

November's here and that means we're entering into the month of the 癸 Gui 亥Hai - Water Pig. The water pig is significant in that it is the last of the 60 combinations in the BaZi cycle. This month we may see resolution, things ending or coming to a conclusion. I do think this is a significant marker in time as we enter into period 9 in the year of the Dragon- Feb 2024. The yin water is like cloud, always moving, there one minute and gone the next. If you feel unstable this month try using your "stability" direction to help feel more grounded.

Water Pig (Gui Hai) in your BaZi-

The water Pig is is another example of a “pure element”. It does have hidden stems but the but only one- Yang wood, it Yin water sitting on Yang water. It’s another one of the pillars that contains both yin and yang. The Gui Hai- water pig day master is sensitive, restless and at times can be hard to figure out. You see one thing, but something completely different lies beneath the surface. Hard to read and emotions can change quickly. Their favorite phrase is “I’m fine” while being not fine. Avoidant attachment is usually their go to, the water pig needs space and time to process emotions.

They can also be highly intelligent, may be superstitious and sensitive to their environment, reading a room, picking up on others feelings, or sensitive to spirits.


Zodiac Signs:

How will this energy impact me?

This energy impact you depending on where (which pillar) the zodiac sign falls falls in your natal chart remember you have 4 animal signs. Take note of where the animal sign falls and that is the area it has potential to impact. Not all zodiac signs have an interaction with each other, so for the monthly forecast we look at which zodiac signs interact (Combine or clash) these are sometimes referred to as "secret friends"

Year: Social circle, friends and community

Month: Career, or parental relationships

Day: Health, relationship

Hour: Thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationship with children

**Discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:

Pig: Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t . Referring back to the symbolic stars for the year we can shift focus to make it a great month. Remember if our personal energy is low, we tend to make similar decisions, but similarly if our personal energy is high and keep to a can do attitude, we can overcome a lot of the negative,

Fortune Virtue- Helps with wealth & career opportunity

Heavenly Virtue- Turns negatives to positives

Curled Tongue- Watch your gossiping!

Robbery Sha- Don’t lend out money this month! No co-signing for others

Combinations- Goat, Pig and Rabbit combine to make wood-

Goat: The potential is there for opportunity or financial gain, sometimes "wealth" comes in the form of opportunity.

Rabbit: Support from family & friends is there, sometimes we just have to ask.

Harmony- Pig and Tiger combine to make wood-

Tiger: This can be a productive month for you to get things done before the holidays.


These are the animal signs that make up the season of Winter (Pig, Rat, Ox). All 3 animal signs should be present to form combination to make the element of Water. I've recently came to understanding the importance of seasonal combinations in a natal chart. The presence of this combination has the potential to make you very strong, show wealth opportunity etc.

Rat & Ox : You may feel little more stable this month. It's a good time to try to understand the nuances of a subject. ie knowing is different than practicing. It's the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge comes with learning but wisdom comes from experience. Practice what you've been learning.


The CLASH animal sign! This is the animal sign that directly opposes the governing energy. This month it's the Snake!! pig (Water) clashes snake(Fire)

Snake: With the snake and pig sometimes it's almost like you overlook the red flags and proceed anyways. Remember many times we go into a situations knowing how it'll turn out BUT hoping it'll be different. We still have free will and choice.

Advanced Analysis - Heavenly Stems:

** PLEASE NOTE- This section is best used by those familiar with BaZi and understand the concepts of their day master and of the"10 Gods" if you find this section confusing or don't understand please disregard and just refer to your zodiac (animal) signs.

Looking at the DAY you're born, look at the element of TOP of the animal sign, This is referred to as your "Day Master" and is used as a focal/reference point, The energy of the element that is dominate for the month will interact with your personal energy. Determine what element your day master (water, wood, fire, earth or metal)

Water- Water is a companion or friend element- Support from peers can be on your side this month. The friend element has the ability to strengthen you. watch for comparing yourself to others. Avoid trying to please a whole group of people or trying to impress.

Wood- Water produces wood, water is wood resource- Be sure to look at details closely this month. Resource also represents support & feeling supported.

Fire- Fire is controlled by water, water is fires "influence element"- Letting go of what's out of your control is best when you feel things are hectic. You'd be best to focus on what's within your control this month. For a female day master you have the potential for a romantic match this month.

Earth- Earth controls water, Water is your “Wealth” element- Money isn't magic when you see your "wealth element" rather it's a good month for you to plan how to collect your "wealth" Maybe you need to send invoices or negotiate. Either way wealth requires action. Devise your plan and execute it. For the single male day master keep your eye out for the possibility of romance.

Metal-Metal produces or condenses to create water- Water is metal‘s Output” element: Don't get caught up in resting or overindulging until your work is complete. They'll be plenty of time off around the holidays. Use the remaining weeks to focus first and then you can relax.

Put in your birthdate & discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:


Feng Shui:

Flying Stars- Best Sectors and cures:

Place items and cures or use sectors according to the best and worst sectors noted below- Flying stars are activated by movement, activations with fan, candles, water etc. and using the sector.

South - Gua 9 : The South is seemly bad with the 3 star (called the quarrelsome star, known to cause arguments) HOWEVER remember that in Feng Shui the answer is "it depends" every flying star can be used under the right conditions. In this case the south sector contains the 8 (wealth) yearly star. the combination creates a the HeTu or early heaven combination the can be used for expansions, growth and financial gain. Don't activate but using the area is ok.

West- Gua 7: The west likewise has the he tu combination of 1-6, this can be used to establish authority at work. Excellent to use if you have people under you. Use sector to assign tasks etc

North - Gua 1 : The north has the 4-9 combination, this sector can be used for studying and focusing. * Can activate with a fan if desired.

Worst sectors: Avoid over activation of these areas, general use is fine

Northeast - Gua 8: The presence of the 2 stars cautions us to be mindful of our health going into the winter month. With is also being a HeTu combo of 7-2, I belive can lessen the effect. I feel like the sector can be neutral. Avoid over activation of the sector.

Southwest- Gua 2 : The most challenging sector this month. the 5-1 combo can indicate health issues. Salt water jar or metal in sector, especially if you sleep here of its the front door.

No renovation sectors:

No renovation sectors are areas you want to avoid digging and major renovations in for the year or month- this applies only to the ground floor of your home or ground level apartments. This energy effects the "earth"

Yearly Shas (Energy that affects specific sector for the entire year)-

South (2) & Southwest (1) : Wu Ji Sha (5 Tiger Sha-2023) has the ability to cause issues when you activate the area & do renovations.

East: Tai Sui- Grand duke is present in this sector, renovations and digging can negatively impact this sector causing problems with authority or ag

West, Southwest & Northwest: The yearly san sha or "3 killings" are present if activated by digging or renovation they can cause issues like illness, loss of money or losing valuables. These energies are only activated by renovation, avoid in these sectors.

Monthly Shas (Energy that affects specific sector during the month) :

Grand Duke: Northwest (3) sector of your home (Pig)

Month Breaker: Southeast (1) Snake

**Renovations can be done in some sectors using date and time selection specific to your home. Please consult a professional to start renovations in these sectors.


Best Dates:

Avoid doing Feng Shui activations on days that “clash” the zodiac signs in your YEAR & DAY pillar. Use the days for the activity noted

Nov 8th, 20th Dec 2nd - Horse

Danger day: Prayer and worships, Feng Shui adjustments, groundbreaking, bed positioning, wealth activations Clash Rat

Harmony Dog, Tiger

Combo Goat

Nov 9th, 21st- Goat

Success Day: All around good day, Feng Shui adjustments, Bed positioning

Clash Ox

Harmony Pig, Rabbit

Combo Horse

Nov 11th, 23rd Dec 5th- Rooster

Open day: House warming parties ,"open house" business agreements, grand opening of a business,

Clash Rabbit

Harmony Ox, Snake

Combo Dragon

Nov 12- Dog

Close Day: Closing a project, finishing up work, wrapping up assignments. “Closing deals”

Clash Dragon

Harmony Horse, Tiger

Combo Rabbit

Nov 13th- Pig

Establish Day: Propose marriage, start a new job, Start a new course or field of study. Clash Snake

Harmony Rabbit, Goat

Combo Tiger

Nov 17th- Rabbit

Stable: Marriage, opening or launching business or website, renovations, medical treatments Clash Rooster

Harmony Pig, Goat

Combo Dog

Nov 22nd- Monkey

Receive Day: Staring a new course or field of study, asking for promotion, debt collection, starting a new job or job interview.

Clash Tiger

Harmony Rat, Dragon

Combo Snake

Nov 28th- Tiger

Balance Day: Marriage, Construction. Travel, networking and making business connections and communicating Clash Monkey

Harmony Dog, Horse

Combo Pig

Nov 29th- Rabbit

Stable Day: Marriage, opening or launching business or website, renovations, medical treatments

Clash Rooster

Harmony Pig, Goat

Combo Dog

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