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Monthly Energy Update: Aug 2023

This month is dominated by the element of Metal, we see this come in as the summer months (May June, July) and the element of fire give way to the Autumn months (August, Sept, Oct). The Autumn months and season are metal in nature and this is further enhanced by the Geng 庚 Shen申 Metal Monkey which guessed it... the element of pure yang metal.

This year is really showing us how we react and how our energy interacts with specific elemnts giving us pure element energy all year. Wood this spring, fire this summer, metal in the fall and water in the winter. If you pay attenion or reflect back you can easily identify which element are beneficial to you by noting which months are best this year,

Feng Shui Focus: Take action

I once heard my mom (a good church going woman) say "There's a time to be Christian, and then there's a time to kick ass". Me being not so Christian still takes the wisdom from this statement to mean - There's a time to be passive and time to take action. The dominating yang metal energy represents ACTION making this the month to get things done. Action promotes more of the same, it's a time you can build momentum. If you think of the symbology of the metal monkey, it's like a swinging sword, once set it motion, it only stops when it hits something and the impact carries even when it connects with it's target. Do the things you've been putting off and the effect will be impactful and propel you forward.

Feng Shui also favors and supports action and working in the south sector of your home or business this month can giver you a boost with the 6-8 flying star combination.


Feng Shui-


Astrology (Bazi) Heavenly Stem

Heavenly Stems (the element) - How will this element of Yang Metal paired with the Monkey for month of August impact my Day Master Element?

Looking only at the DAY you're born, look at the element of TOP of the animal sign, only focus on the element under this one category:

**Discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:

How will this element of YANG METAL this month impact my Day Master Element? Look at the DAY you're born, look at the element on TOP of the animal sign:

Water- Metal creates Water, Metal is Waters “Resource” The element that condenses to create water is metal. Metal is not only waters Resource element but it can literally create water from the moisture in the air through condensation. Sometimes if the metal holds the water for too long, the metal will start to rust and contaminate the water leaving the feeling almost like a mother hen pecking her children. Like most mothers though the metal is there to offer support but it may feel a bit overwhelming.

Remember when others offer guidance sometimes their instinct is to offer solutions instead of just a listening ear. Take this advice and file it away even though it may not be the support you're looking for. Be grateful for the people who care, even if it's a bit much.

Wood- Metal controls wood, Metal is wood‘s “Influence”: The wood day master sees its influence element for the month. This is the element that controls you, most often it represents matters like superiors in your work place. You may be called on to double check work and procedures, it's a good time to be diligent. For the female wood Day master, this can represent your spouse or partner, so find time to connect with them to find common ground. For the single female wood day master this may mean a connection this month so be ready to mingle to put yourself out there to meet someone, the chances are higher the next 2 months.

Fire- Fire controls metal, Metal is fires “Wealth” : Metal is fires WEALTH. The wealth energy isn't a magic windfall or lottery winnings, it's putting in effort and seeing results. Those on a hourly wage can look at putting in more hours or overtime while those on a salary may see a bonus. If you work on commission or freelance it may be a month your invoices get paid or you see an increase in sales. Put the work in & you'll see results.

Earth- Earth creates metal, Metal is Earths “Output” : The output element is usually called creativity as it's the element you "create". This can lead to increased motivation or feeling inspired. This can also represent self expression. Do be cautious of the way your communicate out that emotion since it may seem to come out wrong . Also be careful about saying hurtful things just to be mean.

Metal- Seeing the same element is considered a “friend” element : The "friend element usually represent social settings and connection with peers or encounters with others in your field. It represents matters like going to a convention, for fun or maybe an industry convention. It can also mean increased competition in your line of work and trying to compete for the same listing, or competing for romantic attention . Remember there's enough to go around and a scarcity mindset doesn't get you very far in life.

Put in your birthdate & discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:


Animal Signs and Astrology:

How will this energy impact me?

This energy impacts you depending on where it falls in your natal chart, remember you have 4 animal or zodiac signs. Take note of where the animal sign falls and that is the area it has potential to impact.

Year: Social circle, friends and community

Month: Career, or parental relationships

Day: Health, relationship

Hour: Thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationship with children

Grand Duke

Monkey : Anytime an animal sign that is in your natal chart is present for the year/month, it can feel more stressful as you feel like you're more visible or "seen". Make choices carefully during these times. Refer to & focus on the positive energy impacting you via the Auxiliary stars for the year:

8 Seats- Supports Academic pursuits & higher learning

Sky Relief & Relief God- Turns negatives to positives

Great Consumer- Plan on large purchase. Buy a new car, homes, appliances etc

Sky Horse-Travel or lots of change.

Zodiac Combinations & Interaction-

Some of the Zodiac signs pair together to make special combinations. These combinations make an element that dominates the energy.


Rat & Dragon: Rat, Dragon & Monkey combine to make a “Water Frame”, completely changing the energy, water will dominate the metal energy. Water typically represents movement and momentum, much like the metal energy. The difference is that water can feel unstable and restless. Travel may be in store for the month or you may just feel the need to keep going, or not be able to sit still. Work with these energies, plan daily movement to combat the restlessness. Recognize your overthinking,


Snake: The Snake combining with the Monkey make the element of WATER, so much the same can be said for the snake/monkey combo as sated above with the Rat/monkey/dragon combo. The caution with the snake/monkey combo is it can form a bit of "ungrateful punishment". Usually this comes in the form of trusting the wrong people or helping a friend you know wouldn't do the same for you but expecting them to reciprocate. Give or help others out of the kindness of your heart, not because you expect them to do the same.


These are the animal signs that make up the season of Autumn (Monkey, ). All 3 animal signs should be present to form combination to make the element of Fire.

I've recently came to understanding the importance of seasonal combinations in a natal chart. The presence of this combination has the potential to make you very strong, show wealth opportunity etc.

Rooster & Dog: Rooster, Dog & Monkey make the season of Autumn and the element of Metal, this combination dominates the chart and takes precedence over other combinations. Opportunity usually presents itself during this combination of zodiac signs. Look for what's opening up to you and be ready to receive things you've been waiting for. Expect progress.


The CLASH animal sign! This is the animal sign that directly opposes the governing energy.


The Tiger sign does combine with the Rabbit sign that is governing the year, making a partial seasonal combination (wood) This does help to take away clashing energy. Travel or things moving rapidly are more likely to occur than opposition from the monkey energy.

To get an in depth reading visit to book a BaZI consultation.


Feng Shui:

Flying Stars - Best Sectors & Cures :

Best Sectors & Flying stars -

Best Sectors- The stars fall in the same position for the month as they do for the year. Stars are all doubled this month.

South: The monthly 6 star of luck joins the yearly 8 wealth star. The 8-6 combo is considered pretty good for work related purposes, especially if you are a boss, manager, or oversee employees. This combination represents leadership and financial gain. Make calls or work from the sector. Dont’ activate due to the yearly 5 Tiger sha.

Southwest : The Southwest sees a good combo this month with the 8-1 combo, the monthly 8 wealth star seeing the 1 authority star means you can get things moving in the direction you want things to go. Be cautious of overworking if using this sector. Good for career advancement, work or making calls in the sector but don't activate due to the yearly 5 tiger sha.

Worst sectors: Avoid over activation of these areas, general use is fine.

Northeast: 5 disaster star is visiting for the month combining with the yearly 7 star can mean some fierce energy . Avoid over activating the area by keeping it calm. If it makes you feel better a salt water ajr or 6 metal coins can be added to the sector. A dumbbell can also be placed in the sector to act to control the earth. Check the sector for external negative features like 5g towers, electric poles, trash or disrepair outside the area.

Avoid renovation in these sectors:

Yearly Shas-

South (2) & Southwest (1) : Wu Ji Sha (5 Tiger Sha-2023) has the ability to cause issues when you activate the area & do renovations.

East: Tai Sui- Grand duke is present in this sector, renovations and digging can negatively impact this sector.

West, Southwest & Northwest: The yearly san sha or "3 killings" are present if activated by digging or renovation they can cause issues like illness, loss of money or losing valuables. These energies are only activated by renovation, avoid in this sector.

Monthly Sha-

Northwest: This sector contains the month breaker & the energy that opposes the month. Avoid renovations and digging

Southwest: The monthly grand duke is with the monkey in the southwest.

**Renovations can be done in some sectors using date and time selection specific to your home. Please consult a professional to start renovations in these sectors.


Best Dates:

Limited options for "good days" this month but you can still actively use the sectors for maximum results.

- For a personalized calendar please contact me directly

Stable Day - Rat- Aug 10th

Marriage, opening or launching business or website, renovations, medical treatments

Clash Horse

Harmony Monkey, Dragon

Combo Ox

Destruction Day- Tiger- Aug 12th

Demolition, tearing down old structures and demo work, breaking old habits.

Clash Monkey

Harmony Dog, Horse

Combo Pig

Danger Day - Rabbit- Aug 13th

Prayer and worships, Feng Shui adjustments, groundbreaking, Feng Shui activations, bed positioning

Clash Rooster

Harmony Pig, Goat

Combo Dog

Open Day- Horse- Aug 16th, 28th

House warming parties ,"open house" business agreements, grand opening of a business,House warming parties ,"open house" business agreements, grand opening of a business, commencing/ restarting work after taking a vacation. Feng Shui activations

Clash Rat

Harmony Dog, Tiger

Combo Goat

Close Day- Goat- Aug 17th, 29th,

Closing a project, finishing up work, wrapping up assignments. “Closing deals”

Clash Ox

Harmony Pig, Rabbit

Combo Horse

Establish Day- Monkey - Aug 18th

Propose marriage, start a new job, Start a new course or field of study.

Clash Tiger

Harmony Rat, Dragon

Combo Snake

Success Day- Dragon- Aug 26th,

All around good day, Feng Shui adjustments, Bed positioning, Feng Shui activations

Clash Dog

Harmony Rat, Monkey

Combo Rooster

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