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How to survive the dreaded “Clash Year”

One of the biggest questions I seem to get asked when doing a birth her reading is the idea that strikes fear in people. How will next year be for me ESPECIALLY if they know they have a dread ”clash year”. If you know the most basic BaZi or Chinese birthchart/ Chinese astrology concepts you have no doubt have heard about the animal “clashes”. For those of you that understand this concept already great! Skip ahead and doze for a sec while I explain to those that are new to the idea. A clash year happened when your animal sign in either your year, month,day, or hour sit in opposition to the animal of the year. For example below, since 2019 is a pig year that the animal that sits directly across from it on the zodiac is the snake. Therefore the snake is the opposition animal for this year. Think of the hands of a clock with the hands directly across from each other.

2019 is the year of the pig or Boar therefore a snake is the opposing animal for this year.

This has to do with the Chi of each animal. One being a water element and the other being fire. Although its true you can be born on a fire pig day but the original element of that animals are classified into seasons and remain the same (that explanation is best saved for a post on the 60 pillars ). The snake being the beginning of the summer season therefore carries fire and pig being the season of winter and carrying the element of water. There is where you have your “clash”. So, what does this mean for you if you have a snake in your birthchart making it a clash year?

This year the month of May (2019) could be a bit more difficult for some as May 5th ushered in the month of the snake. This month is known as the “year breaker” since it’s a Snake month in a pig year. This can result in different ares of your life being challenged if you also have one or more of these animals in your personal birth chart. To see which animals you have in you BaZi or birthchart go here plug in your info. Simply look at the second line that contains the animal signs.

As mentioned it’s of great concern to people if they know the have an upcoming clash year. I had a very concerned mother of adult children super worried that her son and his wife would have a terrible year filled with tragedy before I explained what areas of their life it would affect. Really no need for the amount of concern it was causing her but the fear can be very real when you hear these terms and concepts. Let me explain how a clash affects you if your chart contains these animals. So, for example, if you were born in a snake/pig year the areas affected would be your social circle and public persona so you’d want to watch out for being offensive and keeping a good public image. Don‘t try to rock the boat too much, on the flip side of things if your looking to expand your social circle or make a new group of friends or social connections this year could benefit you in that way. If you were born in May your might have a snake in your chart, November you would have a pig, this would be the year (especially the month of May) that you may see disruptions or a change at work or perhaps even be butting heads with your parents as this would be the areas of your life that are If you were born on a pig/snake day this could affect your relationship or health. Take care of yourself and get health screenings if you have concerns this year. Being born in a pig (10-11:59 pm) or snake (9-11am) hour would create a challenge in the areas of investments or you may notice you need to pay more attention to your children, you may also notice more feelings or emotions in these clash years. The hour pillar affects this area of your life in this way. A Pig is also regarded as a ”travel horse” so you may notice in general this year you may have the desire to sell your home or travel more. These are generally good changes you can make yourself that way you create change instead or change happening to you. Although May is the exception to travel. If you generally travel for work, no worries BUT May has too much of the clash energy. Best to plan a vacation for another time.

A clash year isn’t any reason to stop all activity either as mentioned it’s a good year to sell you home, travel and using the clash to remove old pattern of behavior or turn your life around. Maybe change careers or take a new job position. The good news is that is you’ve had some bad years in the past its these clash years are the ones that could benefit you. Maybe you never knew about this concept until now, but the awareness of it helps us be prepared for change. My advise to you is to embrace change, learn from any adversity you experience and trust it works for your highest good. If were not learning were not growing. I personally would rather grow thru my challenges then to have my life easily handed to me because it’s in that adversity we learn the most. Most success stories of the rich and famous have amazing even tragic events that push them to become the person the want to be. I don’t wish for tragedy but unfortunately sometimes we can’t control these circumstances but we can control how these situations are handled. And again not every clash year hold tragedy or even “bad“ events. Sometimes it’s as little as feeling more stressed out or feeling more pressured. And yet, it takes pressure to turn a coal into a diamond.

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