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Feng Shui in Depth Series: Direct and Indirect spirit; Water placement

If you've ever even attempted to apply Feng Shui to your home you'll no doubt run into the suggestion to install a fish tank or water feature. it is no doubt on of the best activators of Chi and is super effective at activating an area. But so many times I've seen articles that talk about using water and fail to warn of incorrect placement of water. Most people also know water in the south is a no-no because the South represents Fire, Water puts out fire, that's pretty common sense, but what other directions should you avoid? Before I go into where water belongs, I'm going to go over a bit of the why. So strap in for a bit of Feng Shui theory and bare with me if you're new. Even if by the end of the article you're still confused just simply take away the knowledge of where you should place water and where you shouldn't. Please don't get overwhelmed at the over load!

He Tu

Yin and Yang/ Active and inactive

In Feng Shui there a concept of yin/yang, which provides balance to the universe. Light to balance dark, feminine to the masculine etc. Pictured is the Early Heaven He Tu (Pronounced "Her Too") This is simply a mathematical model. The inner plate, numbers 1,2,3,4 are inactive therefore considered yin. So now what does Yin need to balance? Yang (active) right? The outer plate 6,7,8,9 is external and considered active therefore needs a yin (inactive) to balance the yang .

So, where do I want to see a mountain (direct) and where do I want to see water (indirect spirit)?

Fast forward to the later Heaven mathematical model that is used today the Lou Shu (pictured). Since the dormant or Yin (inactive) period numbers 1,2,3,4 now fall in the palaces or sectors N (1) SW (2) East (3) SE (4). The Yang palaces of NW (6), W (7), NE (8) S (9) are now active and need the yin energy to balance the yang or active energy. The number 5 has no original trigram or palace, falls in the center and is associated with Earth but is more like Lava or hot earth, therefore considered negative and is only used in certain circumstances.

Water (Indirect Spirit)

Since water (indirect spirit) is Yang (active) you pair it with the palaces of N(1), SW (2), E(3), SE(4) which again considered inactive (yin) . Provided there's no annual afflictions you may place water in these areas, natural water features a superior, outdoor fountains and pools are good and indoor is the last option but will work. There is the question as to whether the 2 palace being activated as this is known as the "illness" number, if you have a natural water source in SW your 2's in your household show a positive side & can used for long term growth of your assets. The only 2's you should take caution of is the monthly and daily stars, but that's a topic for another post!

Direct and Indirect spirit

Mountain (Direct Spirit)

And now as you may guess you want to see mountain (direct spirit) large structures or at least land in the remaining sectors or palaces NW (6), W(7), NE (8), S (9). You could use your NE to place a large statue, boulder or structure for example. This would activate your 8's to grow your long term wealth. The same principle applies to the other sectors, depending on your goals.

Remember, to add water or install a structure you must pick a good day to start, This must be done using proper date and time selection. If you decide to do this on your own you must AT THE VERY LEAST follow these guidelines:

*Consult a Tong Shu calendar, you can find them free online.

*Pick a day the doesn't conflict with your "day pillar"

*Pick a day that has a "good" Dong Gong rating.

*Don't make changes to a annual affliction area

*make sure there in NO # 5 star in the area (year,day,hour) a tong shu will tell you!

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