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Secret Friends in the 60 Pillars

I haven’t tackled the subject of BaZi or so called 4 pillar of destiny, Chinese natal chart etc because it’s such a large subject and a bit hard to explain. Yesterday, I posed the question asking why the Tiger and Pig are “secret friends”? So this, my friends, is where I will start in my teaching of Bazi.

Since this year is the year of the Pig (2019) so thats where I’ll start. For example we’ll refer to below sample chart. John Doe was born 14 February 2019 8am. You see a element on top of each animal, this is known as a Heavenly Stem, the animal & element listed directly below it is called the Earthly Branch and the tiny elements underneath are called the Hidden branches. Just hold onto this concept

Lets focus now on the Earthly Branches and hidden stem because this is where the secret lies. The Earthly branch for Tiger is Yang Wood (Jia) The Tiger is representative of the month of February starting off the Chinese New Year. But why may you ask does it not start with the Rat, when the Rat is the first the zodiac? The reason for this goes back to the IChing hexagram Unity, in which February or the Tiger represents the coming of Spring. This marks the time of year when a new cycle of life starts. This is also why Jia or Yang Wood is the beginning of every cycle within what are known as the 60 pillars or 60 animal signs (12 animals and 10 elements combination ex. Yang Earth Pig, 2019) The Pig however represents the month of November and is the element of yin water (gui, pronounced Kway) therefore the element water is strong in the winter month. The winter months prepare the ground with the winter snow while wood lies dormant growing underneath. Therefore, the basic idea is that Pig contains the hidden stem of Yang Wood (Jia)

In the cycle of production (read the basics of how the cycle works here.) Water nourishes Wood obviously. But more specifically the combination of Yin water and Yang wood combine in such a way to lend support. This is best thought of in the imagery of a rainforest and the canopy layer of trees. The Yin water (Pig) is seen as a rain cloud nourishing the top layer of the tallest trees. This is a symbiotic relationship in which the vapor nourishes the trees and the trees house life that produce the evaporation needed to allow clouds to form.

If you're having a rough year this year you ac activate the Northeast 3 “Tiger” sector by placing a candle there on a good energy day. This can help pacify and strengthen the Pig in your chart. Stay up to date with monthly videos on date selection where I'll give you good days and activation times by subscribing to my YouTube channel and you can watch July activation dates here .


For My BaZi calculations I use The Joey Yap IBaZi App.

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