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Exterior Feng Shui and Gardening: Honoring Beltane

Today, I had the honor of speaking at a Beltane celebration, in honor of this summer season knowing its a time people love to be outdoors, gardening and sprucing up those flower beds. I discussed exterior Feng Shui and gardening. The following topics were discussed: water and landscaping placement, External Chi (energy) flow, Size and shape of the property, and, using plants to correct problem areas and hold in Chi. In a consultation the exterior is assessed prior to the interior as this shows how the chi or energy flows to and is able to collect to go into your home. Without consideration of the external flow & assessment of where Chi comes from, an indoor assessment is pointless.

Example of a patio that has a good chi flow

Small areas: Plants are an excellent collector of chi, they can be planted to make a small area (think patio or small yard) able to hold in energy allowing it to collect and enter you home. Most homes these days are built on lots that are small or perhaps you live in an apartment, some nice drought resistant or succulent plants on the patio are any easy start for anyone wanting to keep plants. Potted plants around the entrance are a nice welcome but also allow the energy flow to slow down. just be sure not to block an entrance when placing pots around a door. The door should open freely still. If you happen to have a courtyard with grass or landscaping in front of your door, you already have this collecting or chi happening. sometimes apartments will have a community garden outside and this is also allowing the chi to collect peacefully and stick around. your unit would have to be in relation to the garden to benefit.

Adding a pool is an fun way to encure good Chi flow in your yard, just make sure it meets Feng Shui principles

Larger areas: Bigger yards and spaces allow more freedom when it comes to landscaping giving an advantage of being able to plant a vegetable garden or add water features. Both are very beneficial in capturing and holding in chi. Water is used externally to activate an area. Just remember placement is key when adding a water feature, as water can only be placed in certain areas, refer to article on water placement:

Shrubbery and landscaping placed between a house and t-shaped road slows down the energy flow

Plants, shrubbery and landscaping can be used to block unwanted negative feature such as T- junction roads or odd shaped roads pointing toward your property. Trees can be planted to even on the lower side of a property thats sits with a hill on one side.

Plant colors or types don't really matter, as long as you like it. Likewise its a myth the pointy plants are Sha Chi or "bad chi". Your yard doesn't have to look like a Japanese tea garden with a koi pond to apply Feng Shui principles to it. You can use whatever style or landscaping you'd like to make an outdoor space you desire. If your yard or balcony is free of clutter, has a clear doorway, and a nice view. You're well on your way to having a nice energy flow. Sweeping you porch and cleaning your outdoor windows activates the area by movement. As well as adding garden flags or twirly sculptures. For more tips on exterior Chi flow refer to blog post:

Tips for feng Shui-ing your outdoor space:

* Winding paths to your door are encouraged and create a slower chi flow to your home.

*Clean your yard and make sure trash or old appliances and unwanted items don’t accumulate in your yard.

* Look out our front door and make sure you like what you see and have space where the energy is collecting

*Bird feeders and bird baths encourage your natural surroundings

*Plant a butterfly mix to attract butterflies and bees.

*Put your bare feet to the ground and get your hands dirty! Connect to the earth.

*Remove dead plants, trees and shrubs


Please enjoy your outdoors this spring/summer season and send me pics of your favorite outdoors space or questions to be featured on my monthly Q &A to

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