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Monthly Energy Update: May 2023

Updated: May 15

May is here and we’ve passed the 1st quarter of the year! This month is Ding 丁 Si 巳 Fire Snake. The fire energy continues to dominate with the main Qi/ energy or essence of the Snake being Yang or big fire. This month may be a little more unstable feeling than last month when we had Earth to keep us grounded. Just like a flame that flickers or in this case more like a shooting star that catches the corner of your eye, it's and gone & you wonder if you saw it at all!

With the Snake being known as a "growth" sign or "branch" , this makes May a good month to learn a new skill, start a new field of study or take a course. This can also indicate quick changes, travel and movement in fields like your career or relationship.

Feng Shui Focus: Be flexible and adapt to change

Emotions may come on quite suddenly or situations may change and turn around very fast, leaving you to wonder what happened. Just remember to be flexible as indicated by the wood energy of the Rabbit this year. Also... " Be like water" (in my Bruce Lee voice) meaning be fluid & able to adapt & conform to your surroundings. That's what this year is all about.

Born under the Fire Snake Zodiac? -

The Fire Snake is also one of the 4 special zodiac signs (earth branches) that has both yin and yang present . Yin in the "Heavenly stem" and Yang as the Sub Qi of the "Earth branch". Making those born under the Fire Snake sign unpredictable, seemingly change emotions at the drop of a hat & easy to anger. They are very friendly, can easily camouflage into different social circles and fit in wherever they go. They make friends easily, and yearn for genuine connection but in this desire for authentic friendships they tend to attract this in a superficial way or attract superficial relationships. The term "frenemy" come to mind. They also tend to push out relationships if they feel they've been done wrong and don't believe that hurt can be unintentional and get offended easy. They tend to take things to heart rather than give others the benefit of the doubt. They also have a profound sense of wanting to even the score or get back at someone, often not giving up until this is achieved. Like the sun...they come back day after day... Don't anger a Fire Snake.

Fire Snakes also seem to burn out quickly from a social aspect and need quiet time from over

stimulating situations. Loving a Fire Snake can be challenging but like everyone else, they're worthy of love even if they claim they don't need it, especially when mad, the silent treatment is their go-to. This actually stops them from saying hurtful things out loud, giving them time to think things over. Hold a space for when they're ready to talk, you'll know it. Remember even though we may have these tendencies (we all have short comings) self awareness is number 1. When you're aware of your behavior you can then change it.