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Energy Update: February 2022

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Welcome to the Year of the Water Tiger Ren Yin!! As we start our first week of this month we have 2 big occasions to note. The Lunar New year most often called Chinese New Year and SOLAR new Year, which marks "Li Chun" the beginning of Spring and the new animal sign. Just like the month doesn't start on the 1st of each calendar month, its start a few days later. This is due to the solar cycle. So of course with this change come big energy shifts! See best and worst areas for 2022 HERE: Read more and download free guide

Special Info & meditation!! The year comes in with something very special to take note of! A DOUBLE TIGER! So the year is a Water Tiger Year and February is a Water Tiger Month. Lots of big energy coming at us. I was a speaker at the wonderful CNY event with several other Feng Shui practitioners this past Friday. One important bit of information I wanted to share what was presented by Feng Shui colleague Jillian Rothschild-Scholar from Feng Shui in Motion She pointed out this very important day on Feb 18th, 3:30am. Jillian explained how the energy of the Water Tiger is considered a spiritual pillar. Here on this day we have a complete spiritual opening! This is a time you can manifest, pray and meditate. I highly recommend using this time (anytime from 3-5am) to get in tune with your spiritual side and meditate or connect with spirit as we may never see this energy again in our lifetimes, it's like having a direct opening to the divine. * See image below and contact Jillian with any questions, I also highly recommend following her work! She does lots of work incorporating in her Feng Shui to correct issues resulting from geopathic stress & EMF's.

Animal Signs and Astrology:

How will this energy impact me?

This energy impact you depending on where it falls in your natal chart remember you have 4 animal signs. Take note of where the animal sign falls and that is the area it has potential to impact.

Year: Social circle, friends and community

Month: Career, or parental relationships

Day: Health, relationship Hour: Thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationship with children

Discover your 4 animal signs and elements here:

Tiger: Anytime an animal sign that is in your natal chart is present for the year/month, it can feel more stressful as you feel like your more visible or "seen". Make choices carefully during these times. Look for Pig Days to Combine and support you. Lots on excess Wood energy signals the importance of growth and learning. Be cautions of leg and feet injury.


Horse & Dog: You may benefit from the extra fire energy this trio or "fire frame" creates. With the element of fire being low this year, the months of February, June and October may benefit you, depending on what fire is to YOU. Fire generally represents happiness, spirituality, technology, or the beauty industry.


Pig: Combining with the Pig creates the element of WOOD , The excess wood reminds us to keep anger in check, use the energy to learn coping techniques and work on triggers. remember wood represents GROWTH and expansion also. Growing and expanding your mind & self or inner growth will always be beneficial.


These are the animal signs that make up the season of Spring (Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon). All 3 animal signs should be present to form combination to make the element of WOOD..

I've recently came to understanding the importance of seasonal combinations in a natal chart. The presence of this combination has the potential to make you very strong, show wealth opportunity etc.

Dragon and Rabbit: The presence of Dragon and Rabbit create the element of wood. Again as started above look at what wood represents. Its a big season of growth for you! Use this extra boost to push yourself ahead in your endeavors & start your year off strong. You may find new opportunity & doors opening for you over the Spring season. Sometimes excess wood energy can impact our ability to focus and you may see signs of ADHD if you already have a strong wood element. Recognizing the patterns and signs can help you navigate your issues and if you're not able to focus, go easy on yourself, prioritize and cut out unnecessary distractions.


This is one areas I have somehow overlooked during my monthly energy updates. The CLASH animal sign! This is the animal sign that directly opposes the governing energy. This month it's the MONKEY!!

Monkey: The Monkey being the Yang Metal (Geng) and the Tiger being the Yang Wood (Jia) presents the image of a Javelin and Sword meeting. Two big strong, willful energies fighting to win by force. This month has the added energy of having 2 tigers present. Be mindful of stress, lots of change in a short period of time or possibility of unexpected travel.

It's said during the months where Tiger and Monkey clash you should be cautious of accidents, particularly on the road. Although some say it's an old wives tale, I say just be cautious driving and don't be speeding or running red lights.


Feng Shui:

Best Sectors:

Note advanced flying star method: ALL SECTORS this month make the parent string 1-4-7, 2-5-8 , 3-6-9 combos when the days star enters the palace, this happens on February 5th, 14th, 23rd, March 4th. Use the areas for best results . Only activate with date selection & acknowledge yearly shas.

Southeast : Flying stars 4-1 in the southeast can be used for relationships and connection. Place a flowering plant or plant that sits in water like a bamboo. Take note of the days the star 7 enter the SE, This forms a special 1-4-7 combo that can be used for connecting with others. Use the area for best results.

Worst sectors: Avoid over activation of these areas, general use is fine

Southwest: The month breaker also moves in for a double impact of negative energy. avoid renovations nd keep area quiet.

Best Dates:

Limited options for "good days" this month but you can still actively use the sectors for maximum results.

Stable Day 10th, 22nd,

Danger Day: 13th,

Open day: 4th, 16th,

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