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Energy Update: December 2022

This month we get a something special happening with the energy of the “Water Rat” Ren Zi. We actually get the pure element of water, so that means this month, what you see is what you get. In Bazi or astrology talk, it’s a special category of the 60 zodiac sign only 4 fit into the category of yin/yang because the element on the heavenly stem (top) is a different polarity (yin or yang) than the ”Earth Branch” or "animal sign" . People born under this sign are usually a bit unpredictable and they could outwardly show one emotion but be hiding their true feelings. Also, they may be one to change their feelings really quickly, be ok one minute, then upset the next or vice versa. Self awareness and giving people born under the Water Rat sign some space to let them work though things themselves. Lending an ear without offering advice is also recommended if they want to talk about their feelings.

Feng Shui Focus & Activation: Keeping calm in the chaos-

Southeast- Metal- use the element of pure metal for focus(Flying stars 4-9)

East - Wood to absorb water and fuel fire for inspiration. (Flying stars 3-8)

North- Great for someone who is in a power position, Career & authority related (Flying stars 6-1). **Activate with water, movement or a fan using date selection. instructions below

The extreme amount of water can be compared to a hurricane, and we all know hurricanes are tumultuous & unpredictable. Not saying this north will be bad or hard collectively, sometimes the energy is just the way we FEEL. With holidays coming up we tend to get caught up in the preparation that we stress out about gifts, dinners, hoilday parties and finishing our work before the holidays cut our work days short. Let‘s not even get started on the blur that is the week between Christmas & New Years! Take a breath in between busy times and literally just breathe when you feel stressed. Remind yourself the holidays are meant to be family time & focusing on the things we’re grateful for brings us more. If you don‘t have family, take a friend up on a holiday event or create your own. Put aside the notion that the holidays are ruined if you cant buy gifts. And most importantly remember that even in the storm, there’s calm in the center of it.

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Heavenly Stems (the element) - How will this element of Yang WATER paired with the Rat impact my Day master Element? This month we get the pure element of WATER since the Rat is water also.

Looking at the DAY you're born, look at the element of TOP of the animal sign, only focus on the element under this category: