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Does Nike use Feng Shui?

Do corporations use Feng Shui ?? I’ve previously stated that the Nike store here in town is in an auspicious space compared to the other stores in this outlet plaza. It sits front and center when you turn in. I was super curious as I was doing a bit of shopping and I’m now convinced they either had a hand in design or had the help of a Feng Shui practitioner to pick best location.

The door opens up to the water fountain which blocks the Sha Chi given off by on coming traffic. If you notice the fountain doesn’t block the entire way up, only the sight of the on coming traffic. It has a nice open Ming Tang (bright hall aka “space in front of the entrance.”)

But the thing that convinced me was when i took a quick compass reading to see is does in fact face East. You see The East “palace” or direction is associated with the number 3. In the concept known as Flying Star (Xuan Kong) Feng Shui the number 3 is generally associated with disputes HOWEVER this is a bit misconception as each “star” also has positive attributes and is associated with...get this... Sportsmen and athletes! East is also one of the directions that is timely for water placement. I’m throughly convinced they had the help of Feng Shui to set up this store.

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