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Do's and Dont's: Lets talk clutter, kitchens, and bedrooms...

Much of the time Feng Shui Is associated with decor and colors, making your house serene, decluttering. When you say Feng Shui, this is the impression people have in their minds. Although I tend to lean more towards the energy reading of the home from the direction it faces there is something to being mindful of your space. Everyone seems to have fallen into the craze of loving an item they keep from the oh so popular "Tidying up" series that swept Netflix. Studies prove there are psychological and physical draw backs from living in clutter. This also includes the need to feel at home and what you choose to put in your space.

Again I subscribing more to the formula theory of Feng Shui myself, I cant deny that when you surround yourself with items that have negative meaning to you your not making the best use of your space. And it's near impossible to have a entirely clutter free or messy areas of our home or office from time to time. But sometimes it goes beyond messiness and we gather collections inadvertently and it snowballs into something beyond our control. People keep gifting us with items to add to a collection and soon were over whelmed at the number of elephant figurines we have strewn around our home taking over. Or we keep the furniture in the divorce and it only carries negative associations. Don't you think if thats the case that you'd feel uncomfortable coming home?? At best you just don't really want to be home, at worst it could turn into hoarding which could lead to health issues. These are just examples of some of the many things you may run into, Marie Kondo is correct in that if something doesn't bring you joy then why keep it?? So heres a simple list of action you can take right now start making your space more enjoyable and creating a desired.

Where do i start??


*Remove pictures of relatives and deities from your bedroom , keep only recent pictures of you and your spouse. This is symbolic of creating a space for the 2 of you only.

*Remove mirrors and water. Mirrors reflecting your bed reflect light and are therefore considered active, water is too Yang for a room that should be kept. If you must have a mirror try to cover it at night.

*Position your bed away from opening doors as this intersects the energy flow and is also considered too active.

*Don't sleep under a slanted ceiling or put shelving above your bed. this oppresses the Chi or energy.

*Try to avoid placing you bed under a window.

*Don't point your feet directly to the doorway.

Whole home:

START SLOW! Decluttering and moving stuff activates energies. Don't get too excited and do it all at once. you could stir up something funky!!

*Start removing family pictures including ex spouses or friends/family members you no longer have a relationship with. You don't have to get rid of them right away, you can store them until you're ready to decide what to permanently do with them.

*Filing cabinets or storage rooms are a good place to start sorting thru.

If its too overwhelming pick ONE thing to start with. Ex Today I'll organize my desk. Thurs I could sort receipts. Sat I could clean out 1 drawer or closet etc. you'll be surprised that it usually only takes a few minutes! I used this method when holding a open house to sell our home. I cleaned 1 cabinet and closet every couple day when the day came it was just a matter of the details.

I'm also big on making piles and tackling it. I sort my mail right away and put the important stuff in a pile on my desk. Once a week I sort thru I and file it before paying that weeks bills. Making it a series of small tasks make it manageable and not overwhelming. Eventually it'll all be done and easier to keep up with. Don't be afraid to throw crap away or send it to be recycled!

Art & Decor:

*Meaningful and mindful art and decor puts the finishing touches in your space.

Some subscribe to item placement Feng Shui in which you place statues or use colors or coins, have a money sector etc. I do not as this is personal to each individual and not everyone has them same energy. This method is closer to BTB school which is a Western form of more intuitive Feng Shui. Although I don't practice item placement, I agree you want meaningful, mindful pieces. I have a lovely picture Of Kwan Yin, the Chinese deity associated with helpful people in my office. But I only regard it as a pretty picture that reminds me that I always have help when I need it. After all I am a resource profile in my birth chart and that means I'm surrounded by helpful people. Kwan Yin is my reminder of this. Like the items you pick to display, like the colors you choose! No rules apply to this in my opinion.


Stove is assessed in health matters

*The biggest no-no I see in newer homes being built with either a stove on an island or an island with a sink across from a stove. Some say you can use a colored towels to "cure " it but I've only found real elemental "cures" to be effective. Why?? You need wood element to bridge the gap of the fire/water clash. water creates wood, wood fuels fire. Only a live plant installed on the correct day would be effective to help. You cant realistically place a plant where you need to walk. Avoid this internal form faux pas.

*As for a island burners this will eventually lead to health problems. The stove needs support and much like a bed needs a headboard an stove needs a backing. If you don't cook then don't even worry about it!

*Avoid a home with a stove in the center of the floor plan.

*Avoid using a door that opens directly to a stove. If this is a main door to a home your considering buying, you could move the stove or rethink the purchase. Anothr option is to use a portable burner in a better position.

Clearing out a loved ones possessions:

This especially goes for clearing out a relatives belongings after they pass. If you're not on a time constraint then the same applies. START SLOW if it's painful. 1 room or closet or drawer at a time. Be easy on yourself.

* Gather relatives to help and make a day of honoring and sharing memories.

*Do not feel obligated to hold onto their collections, or possessions. This was their

choice of possession based on their taste, not yours.

*Limit the number of items you keep and only take that which you'll use. Even 1 or 2 cherished items will be enough for you to associate with a memory.

All in all you should very much make your home or office a space you desire, just remember you don't have to worry about placing the correct decor or color scheme. The important thing is that you like your decisions and you feel comfortable. What space in your home or work space do you love? What makes you like it? What is your space saying to you? This weekend I challenge you to clean 1 drawer, and see how it makes you feel.

For external Feng Shui see previous article

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