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Feng Shui for your environment : How Do You Get the Best Energy Flow To Your Home?

Did you know a large portion of your homes Feng Shui actually comes from your external environment? Before selecting a property take a look around the property for surrounding powerlines or drainage ditch did you know these features in close proximity to your home can eventually cause health problems? A large majority of Feng Shui problems can be avoided by selecting the best property before hand. A quick search of an aerial view of your property will give you a good idea there’s good flow around your home. What else do you look for to see if your home has a good energy (Chi,Qi) flow?

If your door faces a t-shaped road or on the outer curve or a sharp turn in the road your house may be receiving Sha Chi Or negative Chi.

Chi Flow

Chi flows the way a road flows. If you have sharp curves, T-junction or live in a cul-de-sac this affects the way the Chi flows to your home. Especially if you front door directly faces these features. This is the first step to making sure your front door is receiving energy. A nice winding road or path to your door helps slow down the flow and bring in a calm Chi. Think of Chi moving the way a person would if they were driving down the road or walking up to ring the doorbell. Also, make sure your land or lot size is in proportion to the size of the house, if you have a large house on a small piece of land with neighbors close by your chi flow is lower. As mentioned above, avoid properties in close proximity to electric pylons, water treatment tanks with in view and drainage ditches running parallel to your door. These can all actually cause health issues somewhere down the line.

Bright Hall

Next look at what is referred to as a Bright Hall (Ming Tang) outside your property. This is generally a yard or courtyard outside the entrance to your home. This applies if your home is across from the park or playground. These are wonderful places to allow the Chi to gather & collect before coming into your home. Plants and garden areas also act as a way to collect chi. Just make sure the plants are not blocking the entrance to your front door and hedges are trimmed so they don’t block the sunlight. Clean up leaves and trash that collect around the entrance. Sweeping also activates the area around your door. Directly inside of your front is regarded as an also internal bright hall. Your door should open to a nice open space.

A doorway should get plenty of natural sunlight during the day

Front Door The front door is the Chi mouth to your space, be it home or office, therefore it's regarded as important to focus attention on it. It is a myth that the type or color of door matters, what does matter that the door is in good repair and working well. The front door should get plenty of sunlight, be unobstructed, open freely and doesn’t DIRECTLY face sharp rooflines or poles.

One of the first measurements a Feng Shui practitioner will take is the direction and location of your door. This information gives the practitioner an energy reading of the home. This is then layered with your personal energy information ie: BaZi; 4 Pillars of Destiny (your birthday including time) then combined with the goals you wish to achieve by applying Feng Shui.


Quick DO's and DONT's:

Don't: Worry about door color or type of door

Do: Make sure the door is in good repair without chipped paint and opens easily 

Don't: Tear down structures or start major landscaping in yearly afflicted area

Do: Consult a qualified practitioner of date selection

Don't: Put too many plants, large planters, tables or decor blocking the door

Do: Make sure the door is easily accessible, free of debris and gets plenty of sunlight

Don't: Avoid plants you like because they're pointy. It's a Feng Shui myth that these plants affect you negatively.

Do: Plant those cacti if you like them!

Don't: Place place a water features in the South, Northwest, Northeast or West

Do: Add a water features to the North, Southwest (not for 2019) Southeast. If in doubt consult a professional.

To learn more about Feng shui for exterior I highly recommend the book Feng Shui for homebuyers, Exterior edition" but Joey Yap (pictured below) Just click the link to purchase on amazon

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