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Monthly Feng Shui Class 


Monthly Feng Shui Class 

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6 month subscription 

Feng Shui Club Features: 

Join the Feng Shui Club to gain a better understanding of how to use Feng Shui. Weekly calls and Blog posts make learning Feng Shui easy for all Feng Shui levels and combines Date Selection to make your Feng Shui more effective.

4 Monthly Zoom calls with Q&A

  • 1 General Session

  • 1 Beginner Session

  • 1 Intermediate Session

  • 1 Advanced Session for activations and specific goals​

Exclusive Access to: 

  • Private Telegram group 

  • Replays of calls

  • Exclusive Access to monthly Energy updates 


Q: Can I join any of the calls, or am I limited? 

A: YES! You can join as many monthly calls as you'd like. Just be aware the calls content will be geared toward the level stated. 

Q: Can I submit my floor plan for analysis? 

A: The advanced session every month will be trouble shooting and solving specific Feng Shui questions. There will be a Jot form to fill out & submit your Floor plan for detailed analysis. 

Q: Is FSC ideal for beginners? 

A: YES! Feng Shui Club will have a session for all levels of Feng Shui to add clarity and make Feng Shui & date selection usable. 

Q: What if I practice a different style of Feng Shui (BTB)? 

A: FSC is geared toward Classical Feng Shui HOWEVER the beginning sessions and Blog posts content center around date selection (which is based on Chinese astrology) this can be easily applied to your Feng Shui style. 

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